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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Beginning

A couple just lost their first born, a girl a year earlier. The whole family get excited of this birth. Suddenly the still evening silent was broken by the cry of a baby....waaa..waaa..waaa...which mean 'Here I come, world'. What should we name him? His parents wonder....The father said, "we name him SELUHI as a remembrance of the old cap who likes to eat sireh." So the boy is called and registered as SELUHI. That boy is an hyper active and very naughty. He likes to help people and loves wild animal especially their young ones. He lives with his grandfather who loves him very much. The boy think 'the grandfather' is his father until one day, his real father whom he greet as uncle bring him back home. The boy is really confuse of his family and yet he loves them. According the story of his kampong old folk, once this boy catch a bird 'tekukur' at Sg Kut with his bare hand. (At the back of my mind I still remembered that scenario, at the age of four or five years old. I tell the bird, Don't run..don't run and I grab it. I think the bird trust me.) His grandfather used to tell the people, "Debei anek umit tao pemudei" which mean "a child don't lie." Day by day, this kid grow until the day the school is calling.....

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