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Monday, September 22, 2008

Life with Grandpa Dit

Grandpa is a wonderful man who loves Seluhi very much and sometime he is closer to Seluhi than his real sons and daughters. Their realtionship were like father and son. They even slept on the same bed. They were always together. When the Grandpa go anywhere for sure Seluhi will be with him. If Grandpa go to the coffee shop for a drink, Seluhi will be with him. Seluhi used to grap oranges from Grandpa's chinese's friend shop Mr. Lai Peng at Sg Kut and yet nobody scold him. Normally Mr. Lai Peng will ask, "Mahu lagi kah..?"
Grandpa had a a few orchard where he planted durians and rambutan. At the orchard in Sg Kut, Seluhi catched a bird 'tekukur' with his bare hands. That was Seluhi's first experience in catching bird, just by faith and trust in the bird. At that time, Seluhi knew nothing about the spirit world and God but he knew something about bomoh because when autie sicked, they will ask for bomoh. Grandpa has no religion but he believe in God. He used to say, "Tuhan bao ulo" means God is above your head.
There was one incident where the whole village were at shock when a thunderbolt of lightning strike at Grandpa's house and left a hold in the house wall. At that moment, Grandpa was sound asleep on an iron bed while Grandma, Laihi and I were in the kitchen. When we saw the fire all around us, grandma asked Laihi and I to hide under a sarong while she go to wake up Grandpa. As Grandpa awake, he ask Grandma to fetch Laihi and I to my father's unfinished house. Grandma carried both of us. That is love. It isn't heavy at all when there is love. We only managed to meet grandpa when the storm and the rain stopped. Still wonder where Grandpa had gone when we were going away...

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