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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Who are my Neighbours?

Who are my neighbours? This question make me thinking of who I am. For me, my neighbour is outside of me and have no control on me unless I allow. My neighbours are all created being and they are created for one purpose "TO LOVE GOD and LOVE ONE ANOTHER". I know I love God because I fall in love with GOD in 2003. GOD poured so much love into my soul in 2003 that I felt I am in an ocean of love. When there are so much love in you, you can't bear it but to share with you neighbour. It's overflow and I have to share with those who has no love. I still remember, I used to walk in KL lead by the spirit. We met a crippled begger who scold GOD for make him crippled after he involved in a bad road accident. The begger always said, "It's unfair! Why me?' I think GOD is very fair. As I come near to him, my heart burst with love and I hug him. That is fair.

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