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Friday, April 24, 2009

My Pakistani Friend, Deniy Kamran

One day in 2008, I asked God to bring me someone to share my M$10 and talk with me while I kneeled at the pew in St. Ignatius Church, Taman Plaza, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya. That is my normal request when I have nothing to do at the church after daily evening mass. I went over to the Mother Mary's grouto and I am greet by a stranger, tall, handsome, dark skin, thick eye brow, slim with a striking kind eyes. In my heart, I ask..."Is that the person, Lord?" I felt the warm and joy filled my heart. I said, "OK".

He introduced himself as Deniy Kamran from Pakistan, a Catholic, work as a guard and a helping hand in the Church PHID activities which include distribute the food for the poor. He is very eager to bring me in to the charity works that he involved in. The next thing I know, I am helping in the kitchen and doing food distributing for the poor. In the back of my mind, asking...."he is already very poor and yet he is very eager to help others with joy." He even volenteered himself to teach the underprivilege children the computer class. He make me felt very small and ashame to be Malaysian who is full of compassion and love. He teaches me to be a better human as to use the WORD and follow by ACTION. Word without Action is dead as Action without Word is dead. Though all these years I have live by my word but to live by your word and action makes you a better man. It's a tough life but that the life I choose and I depend on God to guide me and the Holy Spirit lead the way.

Deniy's life as a guard ended when he is robbed and slashed with sharp weapon on his head and hands when he defend himself. Life is tough for him.

The question is what went wrong with this guy?

When he first being promise a job in Malaysia by his Pakistan's agent back home, his family are very happy and paid a sum of money to agent to bring Deniy and thousand more like him to Malaysia. For the people in Pakistan, Malaysia is a rich country with lots of jobs, peaceful and good and caring people.

When they arrived here in Malaysia, the picture shown to them in Pakistan is not as the real thing. The Malaysia agent fail to get them jobs as promised and also the agent kept all their travelling documents. Should poor Pakistani want their travel document then they have to pay another RM2,000 to the agent of which they do not have as their money had been given to the agent in Pakistan. So what should these people do? What Malaysian should do for our guest?
They are walking around without travelling document and they become the victim of more black hearted Malaysian.

Is his life will change in 2009?
Last week thursday, Deniy and his Pakistani Muslim were walking home when a Bad Malaysian stop them and demanded for ID but they have none. They were on their knees begging for mercy and even his friend kissed the feet of that Bad Malaysian asking for mercy and he gets no mercy but a slap. Deniy lost his wallet, handphone and watch whereas his friend lost a wallet and RM1000, the money he kept to redeem his travelling document.

Who are these Bad Malaysian?
They can be anyone of us whose hearts are filled with greed and hatred. Their mouth talked of love and compassion with beautiful words and they act as if they were the Angel from Heaven but their hearts were filled with greed and hatred. They are like vulture waiting for the weak and hopeless to die and they eat their flesh.

I am proud to be Malaysian but I am not proud of some of the action of my fellow Malaysian.

With love in my heart, Friends, Can we help and love one another without prejudice?

I BELIEVE WE CAN. We are 1malaysia.

"O God, I trust in you alone. Grant these Lost Malaysian forgiveness for what they have done and open their heart and fill their heart with your love. In Jesus name. Amen."

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