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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Welcome Back with Love

"Welcome, my son. I am waiting for you."

That was the words which touch my heart when i glance to the sky above Bukit Jelutong two days ago.

The son is on one knee approaching the Father asking for forgiveness and mercy.

Without a word, the Father just open his mighty arms waiting for the son to be with Him once again.

"Who am I, not to seek forgiveness and mercy for my wrongdoing and pride?" my innerself stirred as i reflected on the view.

"Forgive me, Father for I have sinned. Wash and cleanse me with the blood of Jesus and make me whole again, worthy to be in your presence." was my respond to the stirring.

And my wife drives on. My heart rejoices as I glance to my wife and say, "I Love You."

Peace be with you.

Happy Thanksgiving and may you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gospel Reflection1124

Gospel Reflection1124 – Wednesday, November 24th 2010
Luke 21:12-19 (NRSV-Catholic Edition for India)

12: But before all this occurs, they will arrest you and persecute you; they will hand you over to the synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors because of my name.
13: This will give you an opportunity to testify.
14: So make up your minds not to prepare your defense in advance;
15: for I will give you words and wisdom that none of your opponents will be able to withstand or contradict.
16: You will be betrayed even by parents and brothers, by relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death.
17: You will be hated by all because of my name.
18: But not a hair of your head will perish.
19: By your endurance you will gain your souls.

The words which touch my heart:
1. Name (the Name of Jesus)
2. The word ‘WILL’ – this reading has 11 ‘will’
3. Opportunity & testify/witness
4. Mind (Mind of Christ)
5. Words/Tongue & Wisdom (Gifts of the Holy Spirit)
6. Hated & Betray & Death (Fruits of bad Tree)
7. Enemy within the Church (parents, brothers, relatives and friends)
8. Assurance & comfort – not a hair will perish, cling to the name and gain our soul.
My mind searching for the name but my heart stood still.

And questions start to come.


“Be silent, mind. Jesus is here”, affirmed my heart.

My mind goes back to the temple in Jerusalem where an old man Simeon waiting at the gate.

An old man Simeon said to Mary about her child;
“This child is destined for the falling and the raising of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be opposed so that the inner thoughts will be revealed-and a sword will pierce your own soul too." (Luke 2:34-35) (NRSV)

This baby boy knows human hearts.
That is good but it comes with a heavy responsibility to human.
He will be opposed by many and so will be His followers.
No wonder his followers will hated, betray and put to death. It’s being prophesied by Simeon.

What about the boy name? Why is it so special to God? My mind grumbles again.
After a short silent, my mind recalls that the name of the boy was given by an angel from God. My heart rejoices as the name is revealed.

And the angel said to her,
"Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. And now, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you will name him Jesus.”
Luke 1:30-31 (NRSV)

So JESUS is ‘the Name or Word’ that is so precious to God and always in His bosoms.

Saint John wrote in his gospel in this way about the Word;
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
John 1:1(NRSV)

What did Jesus said about the name?
“Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son;”
Jesus promised to do whatever we ask in His Name. This is getting better. Then we should ask him things that we need but not things that we want.

Then Jesus added;
But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.

“Jesus also promised us the Holy Spirit. This is great. I won’t be lonely again.” My heart rejoices and added, “Gifts of the Holy Spirit will empower the believers to be the witness of Christ and have the mind of Christ as the Holy Spirit knows the depth of God.” No wonder Jesus said, “ So make up your minds not to prepare your defense in advance.”
The Holy Spirit also gives gift of the Discernment of Spirits so that we will bear the good fruits and do the will of the Father.
(For further reading on Gifts of the Holy Spirit, read I Corithians 12 but do not forget about Isaiah 11)

“And now I am no more in the world, but they are in the world, and I am coming to thee. Holy Father, keep them in thy name, which thou hast given me, that they may be one, even as we are one. While I was with them, I kept them in thy name, which thou hast given me; I have guarded them, and none of them is lost but the son of perdition, that the scripture might be fulfilled.
John 17:11-12(RSV)

“O my God!” my mind exclaimed as I read the underline words over and over again. “No wonder the ‘Name’ is so special and worth dying for.” My mind stood still and thinking of God and His greatness and majesty.

John answered, "Master, we saw a man casting out demons in your name, and we tried to stop him, because he does not follow with us."
Luke 9:49(NRSV)
Even Demon knows the Name and they flee. Who am I not fear and terrified by the Name.

And Peter said to them, "Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:38 (RSV)
Peter revealed the name the people.

But Peter said, "I have no silver and gold, but I give you what I have; in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk." And he took him by the right hand and raised him up; and immediately his feet and ankles were made strong.
Acts 3:6-7 (RSV)

Power of God is manifested by invoked the name of Jesus. There is great power in the name.
The Apostles knew that power in the name and they invoke the name.
The Satan knows that power in the name and they flee.
The diseases and sickness knows that power and they leave.
The Saints knew the power in the name and they hold on to the name until the end of their days. They are willing to die for the name.
Who are we not to imitate them to hold on the name until the end of our days.

I will end with God’s promise in the psalm.

Those who love me, I will deliver;
I will protect those who know my name.
When they call me, I will answer them;
I will be with them in trouble;
I will rescue them and honor them.
With long life I will satisfy them, and show them my salvation.
Psalm 91:14-16(NRSV)

Cling to the name, fathers.
Cling to the name, brothers.
Cling to the name, sisters.
cling to the name, sons and daughters.
So that we are worthy of the name.

Praise and glory be to God.

Let the Name of Jesus be always on our lips.

Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
is now and ever shall be,
world without end.
Amen. Amen. Amen.

Lent in 2011 will start on Wednesday, the 9th of March
and will continue for 46 days until Saturday, the 23rd of April.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gospel Reflection1123

Gospel Reflection1123 – Tuesday, November 23rd 2010.
Luke 21:5-11 (RSV)

5: And as some spoke of the temple, how it was adorned with noble stones and offerings, he said,
6: "As for these things which you see, the days will come when there shall not be left here one stone upon another that will not be thrown down."
7: And they asked him, "Teacher, when will this be, and what will be the sign when this is about to take place?"
8: And he said, "Take heed that you are not led astray; for many will come in my name, saying, `I am he!' and, `The time is at hand!' Do not go after them.
9: And when you hear of wars and tumults, do not be terrified; for this must first take place, but the end will not be at once."
10: Then he said to them, "Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom;
11: there will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.

Words which touch my heart:
1. Temple - adorn
2. See
3. Sign
4. Warning – Take heed that you are not lead astray.
5. Warning – Do not go after them
6. Advice and assurance – Do not be terrified

As I immerse myself in today’s Gospel reading, my mind moved to Saint Paul’s writing about the Temple.

Saint Paul said in his first letter to the believers in Corinth:

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God? You are not your own; (1Cor 6:19 RSV).

I am not even my own;
Why I adorn myself so much with wealth and knowledge of the world?
It does not even last a hundred years.
Do I want to seen by others or to get their approval?
All these are gone when I return to dust.

Holy Spirit, the lover of my soul, help me to seek first the kingdom of God and that I may live in God’s presence all the days of my life.

In his 2nd letter, Saint Paul stressed further.

For we are the temple of the living God; as God said, "I will live in them and move among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.
(2Cor 6:16b RSV)

As we are the temple of the living God, then we should welcome Him and build His majestic throne within us. God is worthy to have the best part in us, the best castle in us, the most beautiful garden in us with it’s ever flowing stream and fountain of life. Let His presence shine through us and His love melt the harden heart. Let His glory shine in the dark night as at mid-day.

O God, how I long to be with you in the deep of my heart, just to be with you and listen to your words.

Do I need a sign from God that He is there?

God is perfect and truth, I do not need sign to believe and trust in Him.

I can proclaim with confident and trust along with the prophet of old;

“If God is with us, who can be against us.”

And yet our Lord Jesus warns us;

“Take heed that you are not lead astray.”

“Do not go after them.”

Our Heavenly Father sent the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name to be with us.
Holy Spirit discerns and we act.
Holy Spirit leads and we follow.

Then Lord Jesus comforts us with his assurance;

“Do not be terrified.”

And I believe because our beloved friend Jesus had promised;

“And remember, I am with you always, to the end of age.”
(Mt 28:20b NRSV)

Mother Mary, lead us to your beloved son, Jesus.
Peace be with you.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SIC GSS-Make Me An Instrument

Last weekend 13th and 14th November 2010, SIC Charismatic Group had successfully organized a well planned a Growth in the Spirit Seminar with a Theme: Make Me An Instrument.

The Facilitators are Fr. Michael Raymond, OFM Cap and Fr. V A Michael.

Over two hundred Catholic attend the two days seminar.

Fr. Michael Raymond came back from tea break.

Go back to Galilee!!!
(Go back to the first you encounter the Lord.)

- Allow the Lord to stir the grace in you again.

- Allow the Lord to stir the Fire of Life to begin again.

Brother Lawrence of SIC Charismatic Prayer Group share his thought with one of the participant.

While Sister Winnie Barnabas moved aside to let Fr. Michael enter the hall with her mind still on which good spiritual book to buy at Brother Paul's stall.

Brother Mathew Gilbert sells OFM's calender.

A sister in pink wonder if she had made a right choice.

Participants at Brother Paul's book stall.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Accident at Jalan Universiti. PJ

Today is Friday, the 12th of November, 2010.

Ms Norhafiza and her friend Ms Liza is having a good time after their morning breakfast at a Malay Restaurant opposite. The weather is cloudy with abit of dizzling amd the road is wet.

They are still talking with joy in their hearts knowing today is Friday and they have ready a good plans for the weekend with their family.

Sundenly a silver Merz driven at (claimed by the driver as at 40km per hour) lost control, skidding and smash the others cars, overturn and hit the two ladies.

Funny, how come a car driven at 40km per hour can over turn.

A yellow Proton Satria also hit by the Merz.

The driver in black shirt and brown trousers look at his car and informed everyone that he was driving at 40km per hour, knowing the speed limit along this road is 50km.

Side airbag activated

A silver car hit from the side.

One of the lady hit into the drain, right here.
She is still in the hospital at the moment (6.56pm) while the other has been discharged.


Many stories flying around.
Some say he is trying to overtake other car at high speed but lost control.
Some say he is avoiding the other car and lost control.
Only the driver knows the truth and also the bystander who were there at the moment of impact.
Please pray for Norhafiza who is still in the hospital.
"May she recover fully and may God gives her courage and strength. I Jesus name. i pray."
On another note, should there be a bumper on this straight road to slow down the traffic or a pedestrian crossing?
My hope there will a padestrian crossing install along this road.
May God bless Us and protect Us.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Retreat at Maranatha in Pictures

Welcome back, my friend.

This is part 3 of my Retreat at Maranatha - Personal Vocation story but this one is through pictures.

Enjoy your journey.....

The weather is goo as we arrive as a tunnel which only one side working and we hope to see light at the end of the tunnel.

In life, those who has hope are like hoping a light at the end of the tunnel. Sure there is if we hope with FAITH.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Personal Vocation Retreat with Fr. Ignatius Huan-P2

Part 2 - Personal Vocation Retreat with Fr. Ignatius Huan

WE, Francis, Ken, Lily and I heading for Bangsar in Brother Francis trusted Proton Wira. Brother Francis is in the driving seat and he is a good driver and know Bangsar well.

Ken told us that Bangsar main landmark are KFC and Maybank, the good place where people hang out during the night.

We drive on, looking for Lorong Telasik 8 where the Priest we are going to fetch. I thought we are lost but after a few turns we arrived at the place. There a couple meet us and the Priest is coming out with his bags. He takes the front seat and three of us at the back seat. Just nice.

Everyone in the car, seems to know him except me. We drive on towards Janda Baik. They seems to be complaining about everything from public transport to road signs.

In may heart, i said, "Why complain? This is our beloved country, if not right, fix it." And i pray, "God, help them not to complain to much but to appreciate more."

While the rest were busy, i write my prayer in my journal.

"O God, my beloved Father and Creator. God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob, I love you above all created things and beings even life itself. You are my All in All."

"O Jesus, beloved of the Father, I love you. Transform me into another Christ and live your life. Let me be one with you, now and forever. Amen."

"O Holy Spirit, the Consoler, the Love of God, I love you. Possess me and use me as you will for the glory of God. Lead me and i will follow. Prompt me and i will obey as the Father's will. In Jesus name, i pray. Amen."

"Jesus, I love you."

"Heavenly Father, bless your priest, Father Ignatius Huan and anoint him as you have always done. In Jesus name. Amen."

"Heavenly Father, We are in a car travel to Maranatha to learn to please you and to be used by you. Kenny Cham, Francis Khoo, Lily and your priest Father Ignatius Huan. Father, keep us safe. In Jesus name. Amen."

Then we reach a small road turn in to Janda Baik and yet we miss the turn.

In my heart, i ask, "Do they know where they are going?" I pray, "Lord, help us and show us the way." I snap a few pictures along the way. Later we found out that we are going the wrong way, turn back and follow Ken's instruction of the route to follow.

As we drive on, we can see Maranatha Retreat House up the hill. Thanks God, we are safely arrive at our destinantion.

We unload our bags and check in. My room is Room 101 and my room mate is brother Nelson Gow. Joseph Wong told me Nelson is his BEC's CC. I wonder what is CC. I said in my heart, "maybe Nelson is the leader. Wow! in my room! How if i snore too loud."

I pray, "Lord, help me." My heart rejoice when i see the chapel. In my heart, i said "if like this i can pray the whole night." A soft stirring emerge in my heart and i said, "Yes, Lord."

I go downstair to check my room 101. It is a small room underneath the stairs but look unique. My heart grumble, "how can my room so small? Other people has big and better room."

The stirring comes again, i sense the voice said, "it's not the room, it's ME that matter." I respond, "Yes, Lord." My grumbling heart turn to joy for having a unique room with a unique number 101 which number i translate as Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Then i saw a push at the door and a handsome man of early forties with smiles on his face enter the room. I greet him by saying, "Hi, I am John." He respond, "I am Nelson." He will be my room mate for the next 3 days and 3 nights.

Our first lesson is ......SILENT!!!!!!

Father Ignatius put on a slid which says:

Tools for Making a Good Retreat.

  • Silence & Solitude to be with God
  • Docile, Discerning & Listening heart
  • Awareness examen - finding God in all things
  • Gratitude & Repentance
  • Events -> Experience
  • Praying the Scriptures
  • Lectio Divina
  • Ignatian Contemplation
  • Keeping Journal
I tell myself this is good. Then someone at the back of me whispering, "I forget to bring my Bible". It's Sister Lily who was in the same car with me. I do not know why i bring up two Bibles and i lend her my Jerusalem Bible. In my heart i say, "God knows everything even those who in need of something. He will provide."

Then this music sooth our soul.

You are Mine by David Haas.
(O God, Bless David Haas and grant him a healthy body and mind in order for him to praise and glorify your Name. In Jesus name. Amen.))
When the lecture finish, our curfew start....SILENT...no talking until the next lecture.

In the silent, my heart stirs.......and i respond, "Speak, Lord. Your servant is listening."
Then i sense a soothing and comfort voice in my heart which says:
"John, I have called you many times and yet you always said you are not ready. "

The words just keep coming...which i can not write here because it's too long and too personal and it's all about love.

Note: Today, i have learned something. If the word is for you alone...do not share with others or else your heart will be reckless and not at peace. That's the main reason, i deleted most of the words i received which i have written here earlier.

With joy, gladness and gratitude in my heart, with love i respond,

"Thank you, Jesus. Now i understand and I am ready to do your Father's Will and be your sign. Command me and I will follow. Praise and glory be to God. Thank you, Jesus."

----to be continue in Part 3

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Personal Vocation Retreat with Father Ignatius Huan

My mind wondering as to what sort of retreat is this with a theme Personal Vocation.

Is it for me? Would my wife allow me to join the Retreat?

Then i said...ask a favour from God to flood my wife's heart with His love so that she may allow me to join the retreat. God is Good and faithful to all His Creatures.

Good news!!! My wife ask, when is your retreat? Have you register?

I just answer....YES..YES...with my heart tickling with joy.

God is always very good to me which i really appreciated yet i felt unworthy for His abundant graces and blessings. Yet He pour and pour His love with a nudge, 'I LOVE YOU'.

As those words, 'I lOVE YOU' touch me inner being, my mind fly over the sea....the South China Sea to the one i love and the images of my old parents materialised in my mind....my heart felt heavy as i see my old mum stared blankly at her paddy field...she is really lonely, she missed her sons and daughters. She roll a cigar in her right and slowly she moved her left hand to her left cheek as a few drops of tears roll down her face. Her breathing has become unstable as she moves her left hand to her chest and grab her naked chest. I know she is crying inside...longing for her sons and daughters. The load become heavier when added with the caring of a blind husband who is very stubbone.

"Mum, we will be back for Christmas!!"

Then my mind turn back to this retreat...who is this Father Ignatius Huan.

Only lady said, "He is very good and annointed." Others said, "his retreat always full house".
Then the lady said, "normally he limit his retreat to 25 participants."

In my silence, i ask myself, "Is this the right retreat for me? I am only a child in my faith."

I look for more information on him and the information i get from Maranatha Retreat House 2010 Retreat Schedule...is this.

Fr. ignatius Huan, trained in the Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius and experienced in giving Ignatioan retreats. He is currently the Spiritual Director and Moral Theologian.

I said to myself, this is the Spiritual Exercise I am practicing. This is good. I will be at home with this retreat...and i signed up for the retreat which takes 4days and 3nights at Maranatha Retreat House, Janda Baik. The retreat start from 5pm, Thursday, 28th Oct to Sunday, 31st Oct 2010.

Still another week to go for the retreat......

On Monday, Oct 25th, I went to st. Ignatius Church for my LRSS class which will start at 8.00pm. There is no evening mass as all the priest are having Recollection Retreat in Port Dickson.

I walk towards the Church and i saw 3 adults busy taking pictures. I greet them and ask them of their country of origin.

Then a guy holding a new born baby whom later i know as Jake answered, " We are from Philippines and we come for evening Mass".

Further he ask me, "Are you a priest here?"

In my heart i pray, "Lord, What sort of question is this?" No words except a warm stirring in my heart. With a smile, i said.."No. I am not a priest." And i added, "today no mass as the priests are having recollections.

Then we share the goodness and faithfullnes of God. They are singing instructors from Philippines and they believe and trust in God. Actually they want the priest to baptise their new born baby.

As we were talking another family comes with a son (15) and a daughter(19). An Indian origin from Taiping, Perak. I smile at them and greet them.

The Father of the family introduce themselves, "We are from Taiping, Perak. we are looking for a priest. Maybe we can get a souvenir." Then the question come...."Are you a priest here?"

In my heart, i said.."Not again, Lord". In my innerself, i sense the voice said, "i love you." I repond, "I love you too."

I am touch and i give the my precious Italy Rosewood Rosary. Well what else can i give as they looking for souvenir. God gives me love and i give them Rosary. May their recitation of the Holy Rosary be pleasing to the Lord and Mother Mary.

As the taiping's family moved away, i turn to Jake and ask....

"Do i look like a priest?"

Jake answered, "Yeah! You look like a priest. you talk like a priest, you act like a priest even i thought you are a priest."

I said, "Ooo, is it?"

Deep inside my innerself, i said, "Lord, is this my prayer answered, 'make me another Christ as St. Paul pray, "Live i, not I but Christ lives in me"?

I felt like dancing as the living water stirring my soul.

Then the day came. It's Thursday, Oct 28th.

Early in the mornng before we leave home i said to my wife, all these kitten will die one by one.
You will knock them with your car. My wife respond, "Don't say like that!!!"

My wife send me to the St. Ignatius Church at Taman Plaza. I sense her sadness as she left me at the Chruch. I am waiting for Brother Francis and Brother Ken as I am car pool with them for the trip to Janda Baik. There also i meet a sister whom i know later as Lily.

At 2.30pm, we start our journey from SIC and head for Bangsar to fetch a priest, Father Ignatius Huan.

--to be continued...