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Friday, November 12, 2010

Accident at Jalan Universiti. PJ

Today is Friday, the 12th of November, 2010.

Ms Norhafiza and her friend Ms Liza is having a good time after their morning breakfast at a Malay Restaurant opposite. The weather is cloudy with abit of dizzling amd the road is wet.

They are still talking with joy in their hearts knowing today is Friday and they have ready a good plans for the weekend with their family.

Sundenly a silver Merz driven at (claimed by the driver as at 40km per hour) lost control, skidding and smash the others cars, overturn and hit the two ladies.

Funny, how come a car driven at 40km per hour can over turn.

A yellow Proton Satria also hit by the Merz.

The driver in black shirt and brown trousers look at his car and informed everyone that he was driving at 40km per hour, knowing the speed limit along this road is 50km.

Side airbag activated

A silver car hit from the side.

One of the lady hit into the drain, right here.
She is still in the hospital at the moment (6.56pm) while the other has been discharged.


Many stories flying around.
Some say he is trying to overtake other car at high speed but lost control.
Some say he is avoiding the other car and lost control.
Only the driver knows the truth and also the bystander who were there at the moment of impact.
Please pray for Norhafiza who is still in the hospital.
"May she recover fully and may God gives her courage and strength. I Jesus name. i pray."
On another note, should there be a bumper on this straight road to slow down the traffic or a pedestrian crossing?
My hope there will a padestrian crossing install along this road.
May God bless Us and protect Us.

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