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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Personal Vocation Retreat with Father Ignatius Huan

My mind wondering as to what sort of retreat is this with a theme Personal Vocation.

Is it for me? Would my wife allow me to join the Retreat?

Then i said...ask a favour from God to flood my wife's heart with His love so that she may allow me to join the retreat. God is Good and faithful to all His Creatures.

Good news!!! My wife ask, when is your retreat? Have you register?

I just answer....YES..YES...with my heart tickling with joy.

God is always very good to me which i really appreciated yet i felt unworthy for His abundant graces and blessings. Yet He pour and pour His love with a nudge, 'I LOVE YOU'.

As those words, 'I lOVE YOU' touch me inner being, my mind fly over the sea....the South China Sea to the one i love and the images of my old parents materialised in my mind....my heart felt heavy as i see my old mum stared blankly at her paddy field...she is really lonely, she missed her sons and daughters. She roll a cigar in her right and slowly she moved her left hand to her left cheek as a few drops of tears roll down her face. Her breathing has become unstable as she moves her left hand to her chest and grab her naked chest. I know she is crying inside...longing for her sons and daughters. The load become heavier when added with the caring of a blind husband who is very stubbone.

"Mum, we will be back for Christmas!!"

Then my mind turn back to this retreat...who is this Father Ignatius Huan.

Only lady said, "He is very good and annointed." Others said, "his retreat always full house".
Then the lady said, "normally he limit his retreat to 25 participants."

In my silence, i ask myself, "Is this the right retreat for me? I am only a child in my faith."

I look for more information on him and the information i get from Maranatha Retreat House 2010 Retreat Schedule...is this.

Fr. ignatius Huan, trained in the Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius and experienced in giving Ignatioan retreats. He is currently the Spiritual Director and Moral Theologian.

I said to myself, this is the Spiritual Exercise I am practicing. This is good. I will be at home with this retreat...and i signed up for the retreat which takes 4days and 3nights at Maranatha Retreat House, Janda Baik. The retreat start from 5pm, Thursday, 28th Oct to Sunday, 31st Oct 2010.

Still another week to go for the retreat......

On Monday, Oct 25th, I went to st. Ignatius Church for my LRSS class which will start at 8.00pm. There is no evening mass as all the priest are having Recollection Retreat in Port Dickson.

I walk towards the Church and i saw 3 adults busy taking pictures. I greet them and ask them of their country of origin.

Then a guy holding a new born baby whom later i know as Jake answered, " We are from Philippines and we come for evening Mass".

Further he ask me, "Are you a priest here?"

In my heart i pray, "Lord, What sort of question is this?" No words except a warm stirring in my heart. With a smile, i said.."No. I am not a priest." And i added, "today no mass as the priests are having recollections.

Then we share the goodness and faithfullnes of God. They are singing instructors from Philippines and they believe and trust in God. Actually they want the priest to baptise their new born baby.

As we were talking another family comes with a son (15) and a daughter(19). An Indian origin from Taiping, Perak. I smile at them and greet them.

The Father of the family introduce themselves, "We are from Taiping, Perak. we are looking for a priest. Maybe we can get a souvenir." Then the question come...."Are you a priest here?"

In my heart, i said.."Not again, Lord". In my innerself, i sense the voice said, "i love you." I repond, "I love you too."

I am touch and i give the my precious Italy Rosewood Rosary. Well what else can i give as they looking for souvenir. God gives me love and i give them Rosary. May their recitation of the Holy Rosary be pleasing to the Lord and Mother Mary.

As the taiping's family moved away, i turn to Jake and ask....

"Do i look like a priest?"

Jake answered, "Yeah! You look like a priest. you talk like a priest, you act like a priest even i thought you are a priest."

I said, "Ooo, is it?"

Deep inside my innerself, i said, "Lord, is this my prayer answered, 'make me another Christ as St. Paul pray, "Live i, not I but Christ lives in me"?

I felt like dancing as the living water stirring my soul.

Then the day came. It's Thursday, Oct 28th.

Early in the mornng before we leave home i said to my wife, all these kitten will die one by one.
You will knock them with your car. My wife respond, "Don't say like that!!!"

My wife send me to the St. Ignatius Church at Taman Plaza. I sense her sadness as she left me at the Chruch. I am waiting for Brother Francis and Brother Ken as I am car pool with them for the trip to Janda Baik. There also i meet a sister whom i know later as Lily.

At 2.30pm, we start our journey from SIC and head for Bangsar to fetch a priest, Father Ignatius Huan.

--to be continued...