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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Personal Vocation Retreat with Fr. Ignatius Huan-P2

Part 2 - Personal Vocation Retreat with Fr. Ignatius Huan

WE, Francis, Ken, Lily and I heading for Bangsar in Brother Francis trusted Proton Wira. Brother Francis is in the driving seat and he is a good driver and know Bangsar well.

Ken told us that Bangsar main landmark are KFC and Maybank, the good place where people hang out during the night.

We drive on, looking for Lorong Telasik 8 where the Priest we are going to fetch. I thought we are lost but after a few turns we arrived at the place. There a couple meet us and the Priest is coming out with his bags. He takes the front seat and three of us at the back seat. Just nice.

Everyone in the car, seems to know him except me. We drive on towards Janda Baik. They seems to be complaining about everything from public transport to road signs.

In may heart, i said, "Why complain? This is our beloved country, if not right, fix it." And i pray, "God, help them not to complain to much but to appreciate more."

While the rest were busy, i write my prayer in my journal.

"O God, my beloved Father and Creator. God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob, I love you above all created things and beings even life itself. You are my All in All."

"O Jesus, beloved of the Father, I love you. Transform me into another Christ and live your life. Let me be one with you, now and forever. Amen."

"O Holy Spirit, the Consoler, the Love of God, I love you. Possess me and use me as you will for the glory of God. Lead me and i will follow. Prompt me and i will obey as the Father's will. In Jesus name, i pray. Amen."

"Jesus, I love you."

"Heavenly Father, bless your priest, Father Ignatius Huan and anoint him as you have always done. In Jesus name. Amen."

"Heavenly Father, We are in a car travel to Maranatha to learn to please you and to be used by you. Kenny Cham, Francis Khoo, Lily and your priest Father Ignatius Huan. Father, keep us safe. In Jesus name. Amen."

Then we reach a small road turn in to Janda Baik and yet we miss the turn.

In my heart, i ask, "Do they know where they are going?" I pray, "Lord, help us and show us the way." I snap a few pictures along the way. Later we found out that we are going the wrong way, turn back and follow Ken's instruction of the route to follow.

As we drive on, we can see Maranatha Retreat House up the hill. Thanks God, we are safely arrive at our destinantion.

We unload our bags and check in. My room is Room 101 and my room mate is brother Nelson Gow. Joseph Wong told me Nelson is his BEC's CC. I wonder what is CC. I said in my heart, "maybe Nelson is the leader. Wow! in my room! How if i snore too loud."

I pray, "Lord, help me." My heart rejoice when i see the chapel. In my heart, i said "if like this i can pray the whole night." A soft stirring emerge in my heart and i said, "Yes, Lord."

I go downstair to check my room 101. It is a small room underneath the stairs but look unique. My heart grumble, "how can my room so small? Other people has big and better room."

The stirring comes again, i sense the voice said, "it's not the room, it's ME that matter." I respond, "Yes, Lord." My grumbling heart turn to joy for having a unique room with a unique number 101 which number i translate as Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Then i saw a push at the door and a handsome man of early forties with smiles on his face enter the room. I greet him by saying, "Hi, I am John." He respond, "I am Nelson." He will be my room mate for the next 3 days and 3 nights.

Our first lesson is ......SILENT!!!!!!

Father Ignatius put on a slid which says:

Tools for Making a Good Retreat.

  • Silence & Solitude to be with God
  • Docile, Discerning & Listening heart
  • Awareness examen - finding God in all things
  • Gratitude & Repentance
  • Events -> Experience
  • Praying the Scriptures
  • Lectio Divina
  • Ignatian Contemplation
  • Keeping Journal
I tell myself this is good. Then someone at the back of me whispering, "I forget to bring my Bible". It's Sister Lily who was in the same car with me. I do not know why i bring up two Bibles and i lend her my Jerusalem Bible. In my heart i say, "God knows everything even those who in need of something. He will provide."

Then this music sooth our soul.

You are Mine by David Haas.
(O God, Bless David Haas and grant him a healthy body and mind in order for him to praise and glorify your Name. In Jesus name. Amen.))
When the lecture finish, our curfew start....SILENT...no talking until the next lecture.

In the silent, my heart stirs.......and i respond, "Speak, Lord. Your servant is listening."
Then i sense a soothing and comfort voice in my heart which says:
"John, I have called you many times and yet you always said you are not ready. "

The words just keep coming...which i can not write here because it's too long and too personal and it's all about love.

Note: Today, i have learned something. If the word is for you alone...do not share with others or else your heart will be reckless and not at peace. That's the main reason, i deleted most of the words i received which i have written here earlier.

With joy, gladness and gratitude in my heart, with love i respond,

"Thank you, Jesus. Now i understand and I am ready to do your Father's Will and be your sign. Command me and I will follow. Praise and glory be to God. Thank you, Jesus."

----to be continue in Part 3

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