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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Retreat at Maranatha in Pictures

Welcome back, my friend.

This is part 3 of my Retreat at Maranatha - Personal Vocation story but this one is through pictures.

Enjoy your journey.....

The weather is goo as we arrive as a tunnel which only one side working and we hope to see light at the end of the tunnel.

In life, those who has hope are like hoping a light at the end of the tunnel. Sure there is if we hope with FAITH.

Then we reach a CROSS ROAD. To the the Right is to Genting Highland, a City of Entaintment with short joy and full of human 'NOISES', while to the Left is Janda Baik...a place of peace and serenity with 'NOISES of the jungle....birds calling each their mates, monkeys calling their young ones and nocturnal insect blazing their horns.

We take a Janda Baik route and after a few missed turns, we arrive at this beautiful Maranatha Retreat House.

Maranatha Retreat House is a Jesuit-Lay entrprise committed to the promotion of the Spiritual Excercise of St. Ignatius.

The pine fruits in the basket with the sign of NO
HANDPHONE and NO SMOKING tell us that we can not use our handphone and our air are fresh and clean.

After check in and collect our room keys, we survey the area and it's breath-taking...really good for praying and meditating. At the lower floor is a place for meditate and pray wich ponds and dripping water.

Now Sister Lily turn to do the explanation on the Holy Scriptures.

This is my room number 101.
Small but nice with i share with Brother Nelson Gow.

After lecture, we go for a walk with the Lord and I climb the hill at the back of the Retreat House.
Good view of the Chapel and the Dining area from the hill.

The rest of us go out on their own .....just LISTENING in the SILENT.

Whereas Brother Michael and Brother Nelson choose a stool each at the side of the Chapel.

Brother Nicholas is wondering...."What is this man doing? Taking my picture?"
While Brother Joseph Wong and Edwin are waiting for their turn for the food.

Brother Nicholas gets a free shoulder massage from Brother Daniel while Brother Ken tells his jokes in a whispering tone.
Someone note, "Don't too laud, Father is at the back."

Brother Edwin's wife is contemplating on the rice, fork and spoon.
"Bless are you, O God who create all thing. You create everything for it's purpose."
"O God, help me to know the purpose of me being created."
Though she do not get a vocal answer but she knows she is created for a purpose same as the fork and the spoon.

Brother Francis deep in prayer before taking his meal.
"Lord, help me. I have make a mess for myself."

The two brothers goes separate way.
Brother Ken is going to his right while Nelson is going straight ahead.
But their purposes are the same....walk with the Lord in the morning while appreciating the beautiful scenery and the fresh moring air.

Maranatha Retreat House from the road.

Sister Lily and her group are coming back from their morning walk with laughter and joy while
Brother Nelson walks the opposite way in silent contemplating on the words of God.

Brother Nelson, you are going the wrong way!

"My way is not your way and not even my own way but the Lord's way."
As he moves on, he looks at the vegetation around and appreciate the wonders of God's creation.
"Lord, show me the way to life and to your Father's Kingdom."

My object of contemplation.....
insect and nectar collectors.

"John, see this nectar's collector. It flies over every flowers to collect nectar as a service to it's Queen. The nectar will be shared with all my other creatures when it become honey."
"What does the nectar's collector get?"
"A mission well done with satisfaction for the common good and so it shall be with you."

Lecture time again as Father Ignatius Huan impart his knowldge with the aid of a slid.

Another object of my contemplation.
A green tree frog and a fern leaves.

Brother Francis talk to the dog but the dog refuse to listen.
"Go back to your owner's house!!" Francis order the dog.
The friemdly dog ignore him, wag his tail instead and lay at his feet. "I want to be with you for awhile to share my love and compassion." bark the dog.

Participants ready for lecture.

The Chapel view from the dinning area.

The Chapel view from the main door.

Twisting stairs leading to a pool.

Passion fruits planted at the back of the cooking area.

Brother Daniel coming up the twisting stairs while Sister May gives her best smile for the camera.

Nice smile, sister.

"Be Still!' command Barnabas. And everything stood still.

See we are standing still...Nelson and John.

Except this group...can not stand still..
the active group of PHID
"Speak, lord. Your servant is listening."

Everyone seems take the words of the Lord seriously.

"Do not select the best seat......"

"Those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted."

Even to take the last seat....no one dare to take.

A group photo at last....
"God, Bless Us and lead Us."
"May in your presence we will always be."

So.... when can we do this again, Father?

Daniel and Nicholas give their good deeds.

The final question:
What happen to my four beautiful healthy kitten when i come back?

All my kitten died....the last one which i called JOY...died on Monday. Two near my wife's car tyres and two in a drain.

Be careful with what we say....it may come true.

"May our mouth always speak the words of grace not of death."

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coolguy said...

Keep on talking and sharing about God, Brother John. We will follow you through your journey with our Lord - you will never walk alone. Regards, Ken.