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Friday, December 17, 2010

11th Years Wedding Anniversary

First I would like to thanks God, the God of Abraham, the God of Issac, the God Jacob for the wonderful 11 years journey of marriage life with my wonderful and great partner, Agnes Ngieng.

It takes me ten years to convince her parent that she will be my perfect life partner.
God is generous enough to grant us to be husband and wife on December 17th, 1999.
God is good.
Then God moved her and to bring me to a Catholic Church, St Ignatius Church in 2002 eventhough she is a methodist. I still wonder why not to a Methodist Church as she is a Methodist.

God has His own plan and let His will be done.

Marriage life being great with less and less disagreement by the year and this year 2010 is wonderful with only two minor disagreement. WOW!!! Praise the Lord.

We have almost everything we need and yet we are still waiting for the 'baby cry' in our home. I believe in God, the Father of All and I believe He will answer our heart desire in His time.

On this special day, what we are going to do?

Go to church and get a Priest blessing or having a good dinner at our favourite restaurant.

We choose the second one and we go for Dinner at Shogun Japanese Restaurant, OneU.
I like it and my wife just take and take for me to eat.

Yet my heart is not a peace. Something is missing. We went home full and satisfied. We eat what we pay.

As we arrive home, i go straight to my favourite room in our house, my private room with the Lord.
I am full and tired.
I drop to my knees and pray.
"O God, here I am. I am full and tired. Let me rest in your presence."
I do not know what is going on but I feel I am going some where peace and serene. Am I dreaming?
When I wake up, I reallize I am on my stomach and I ask myself,
"Where have I been? Is it morning?"
I feel so refresh and full of energy. I am renew again, my energy is restored.

Then I go to the bedroom where my wife is and ask her,
"How long have i pray?"
And she said, "for awhile only, sayang!"

I look at her and said in my heart, "Thank you, my Lord. Bless my wife also."

Before we sleep, we share the goodness of love and share the wonderful moment we have during the year and greet each other with,


In my heart, I pray,

"I love you, God. I love you, Jesus. I love you, Holy Spirit. I love you, Mother Mary. I love you, Guidance Angel. I love you, Saints of God."

"I thank you, God. I thank you, Jesus. I thank you, Holy Spirit......."

I doze off with tears of joy roll down my face.


Merry Christmas and may peace be always within you.

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