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Friday, March 11, 2011

Accident at Sri Damansara - Sg Buluh Road

Today is Saturday, March 12th. The sun is blazing hot as we drive back from Sin & Lai Dental Clinic at Desa Aman Puri. I tell myself, "this is good."  A very good condition for taking picture from a moving car. Perfect lighting for me. Others may have other opinion.

When we reached the Sungai Buluh Road, we took a right turn to Kuala Selangor on our way to Puncak Alam.

After a few minutes drive, we were caught in a jam.

"How come so early traffic jam?, I ask my wife. She did not say a word.

From a distant, I can see not far from the Shell Station and the ING Insurance Company premise occurred an accident involved three cars. The car in the middle was sandwiched with front and back damaged

I just click and click and i can see a reporter is asking questions from those who involved in the accident. All those who involved in the incident seem to be fine without any injuries. I passed along this road around 10.50 to 11.00Am and I assumed that the accident should have been occurred a few minutes earlier. This can also be justified by the fact that there is no tow truck around yet.

If you want to know more about this accident, the reporter may have the answer and the news portal is the best bet or tomorrow newspaper.

We drive on smoothly after the accident area and I pray that all those involve be recovered fully from the trauma of the accident and may the other road users be safely reach their destination.


There is another accident not far from the Catholic Chapel along Sungai Buluh Road but I could not take any picture as I am engrossed in my reading. Furthermore my wife informed me as we passed the accident area. The accident involved two cars.

Those of you who drive today, please be alert and may you have a safe journey where ever you may go.

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