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Friday, April 29, 2011

Accident at Puncak Alam Expressway

Today is a normal Friday but as the evening come, a tickling in my heart leads me to send out SMS to my sisters which includes Irene Aik and Azura Ibrahim and also called my sisters back in Sarawak and Sabah just to say, "We love you."

As we turn into Puncak Alam Expressway, I gave a call to Rose after I have spoken to Nor. Rose has just arrived from Kota Kinabalu where she is having her meeting today. According to her, she always stop at the roadside as she felt very sleepy while driving. I told her that driving while sleepy is very dangerous.

Then she mentioned about my three blogs which are not regularly update. I told her that i can not write anything without any event or incident in my blog http://johnragai.blogspot.com. She laugh at me. As for the other blog http://johnofjesus.blogspot.com i need an experience with Lord Jesus.

We keep on talking but the line cut off when we reach the mountain road after the UiTM kampus.

We drive on and we can see the Puncak Alam UiTM Main Campus up ahead in the mountain. The traffics were moving slowly and I wonder why.

As we approach the the junction to Saujana, I see a lot of people parked their car by the road side. There must be an event or accident ahead, i tell myself. I take out my camera Olympus U Tough810 and set the ISO at 1600 with light compensation at 1.7 but poor me still can not take clear picture in the dark. I really have to get my hand on Nikon D7000 or Nikon D5100.
I look around and click click while Agnes is driving. I can see one policeman is standing in the middle of the road and broken glasses are everywhere on the road. On the left side of the road, I see two human legs with the body covered by a green canvas. May God bless his soul. Agnes do not stop as the policeman waves the traffic to move on. On the other side of the road, my eyes catch a glance of a Kancil with a front damage. I am still clicking when my eyes turn to the left side again and see a badly damaged motorcycle which i assume belong to the victim.
Then I see one man laying on the road with two men attending to him. I hope he can make it to the nearest hospital but i do not see any ambulance around yet.

My heart is trouble as we drive on. ( I should have stopped and give some help.)


Our normal route home blocked by a sign which says, "Road close due to FLOOD on the Road."

Agnes said, "why so many thing happen tonight?" I can not answer her but only God knows better.

Whatever it maybe my message still remained..."We love you. Have a safe journey."

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