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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Passing of a friend - Caroline Lily Uchang

Light in the horizon...for some it's the beginning of a new day or a new journey but for others it's the end of the night or the beginning of new life. Yet others still look at it as an end of light and beginning of darkness or the end of a journey in this world.
This morning at around 5.41AM, I was awaken by a SMS signal and as I turned around my mouth whisper,
"O God, Good morning, I love you."
I search my hand phone in the darkness and the message blink....

I activate the SMS and it's from my relative, Brother Lawrence Uchang.
My heart said, "She is gone!!" Sadness filled my heart.

I read the contain of the message and it says: "My sis Caroline Lily passed away 5am".

I can't sleep any more and I forwarded the message to all my relatives on my phone contacts.

Deep within me, I know that she has given a good fight over the pass few year. She has suffered but the sickness made her strong in faith and trust in the Lord.

She was the star of St. Kevin's Primary Second where she always get the First in our Class. The four of us always got the top four...Lily, Julita, Murni and Ari aka John.

 She was a cheerful, brilliant and helpful child. Loved by teachers and friends.

Then we lost contact until she saw my picture in a Tae Kwon Do Tournament in Borneo Post and that time she was working with Hock Hua Ban, Sibu.  During one of our meeting, she gave me her number.

Then we lost contact again when I moved to Selangor.

Years passed by and I am married then convert to Catholic.

In God's grace as i was sitting at the grotto of Mother Mary at St. Ignatius Church, Kelana Jaya...there is a prompting in my heart to get in touch of my friends. God's love filled my heart and I have to share these love. I know w from my pass experience that I will not be at peace until I share this love.

I sent all my friends on my hand phone contact list with a message, " I love You."

(Friends, now you know why sometime you received this message "I Love You" from me out of the blue. I must let it flow.)

One of these message was to the late Caroline Lily. She responded and thanks me for the message and she added that she was sick with cancerous disease.

Once awhile after that i contacted her and she sound like a lady of God who really trust and believe in God's mercy and goodness. I am amazed and thanks God for bring me in contact with her again.

Years passed again until last Chinese New Year, I met his brother Lawrence in Dalat on his way to Bintulu.
 His brother shared with me her condition. Subsequently, I gave her a call and she sound very weak and tired. We didn't talk much and that is the last time of my contact with her.

Now she start the new journey in the spirit with the Lord where there is no pain and suffering. Yet we pray for her soul that she may rest in peace.

For those she left behind to carry on their journey in this world, we pray that God may grant them strength to live on without her and comfort to ease their sadness of losing her.

Last but not least, please pray for those who suffer with the same cancerous disease around the world that God may grant them strength and courage to fight on till the last breath. May their sickness will not be in vain but will bring people together and amend the broken relationship. In Jesus Name, we pray. In God we trust.

Peace be with you.

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Jez said...

May I know what was she saying at
"Once awhile after that i contacted her and she sound like a lady of God who really trust and believe in God's mercy and goodness."?