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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Malacca Trip 2011

 Rachel Knutson , this is my journey which i mentioned to you during our chat via my mobile netbook on Saturday. We were chatting while on the  highway to Malacca via Celcom Broadband. Thank you, Celcom Malaysia. 
Let's the journey begin.......
Last Saturday as the sun rised in the horizon we started our journey to Malacca to refresh ourselves and taste the famous Malacca's Nyonya food.

As we are unfamiiar with the road in Malacca, we followed this particular car which belong to our friend, Pang Wee Seng. Mr. Pang is from Malacca but worked at DKSH Malaysia. During this journey, I am on Facebook using Celcom Broadband.
In Malacca, this big signboard which is translated as "WELCOME TO MALACCA" welcome us.
Our first stop for breakfast was at this place where we took our breakfast....coffee and Malacca Noodles with fish ball and meat ball.

After breakfast, we drive on and after many twists and turn in the street, we came to this Tai Chi Nyonya Restaurant. Nice location, good setting and delicious food. I will come here again next time.

Glutinous Rice wrapped in Pandan leaves dumpling

Nyonya Assam (Sour) Curry Fish Head

Nyonya Laksa Siam
Having ourselves half full, we drive on and follow the same car. We can see an old Methodist Church in front of us and our journey goes on.
An old Methodist Church
 After we parked our car nearby the School, we walked on foot and met our friends at a Chinese Temple. From there we walked along an old street where there are alot of old building heading to Malacca River.

Malay House Model
Along the street we see an old Malay House model.

Old Chinese Temple
Next we see an old Chinese Temple....

And the street itself looks colourful and unique.The old buildings that we came across are:

An Old Mosque's Prayer Calling Tower

An Old Mosque

An Hindu Temple

Another view of the old Chinese Temple

A colourful mode of Transport

When we reached the Malacca River, we met this Golden Man and Agnes is happy to take a picture with him.

Malacca River

A Bridge cross the Malacca River
In the blazing hot sun, we walk on and go across the Malacca River.

Red Building

There again, we met this Golden Man.

Old Church

When we turned back we passed this Handcraft shop.

An Old Man busy cutting his sugar candy by the roadside.

Ops! Sorry, Sir. I do not see the notice. The hats are beautiful though.

Sweating all over and real thirsty, we grab some fresh coconut for some drink.
Then we met up with the rest of the group and we joined Pang's car. He brought us to a Satay Restaurant.

Malacca Satay, slice chicken meat and pork meat.

Cucumber and onions with a bit of rice but we are more interested in satay.

Satay with it's special Malacca Satay Sauce
After finished our Satay, we drive again and stop at this stall. According to Mr. Pang, this is also Malacca's special delicacy.

Mobile Stall

Snap a picture for memory of this special stall.
We walk on along the shop pathway and we saw this mobile stall with different delicacies.

Pick and Eat Mobil Stall
After that we drive off to another Malacca's special namely 'Coconut Shake'.

Coconut Shake stall by the roadside.
As we parked our car,someone is shouting from the coconut shake stall, "Sudah habis! Sudah habis!" meaning the coconut shake had finished. I wonder what so special about this coconut shake which attracted so many people to come.

We console ourselves with this putu piring ( A pounded Glutinous rice with Malacca Sugar and a bit of coconut flesh)

Putu Piring Shop

Putu Piring eating session.

Now is dark and time to head home
Before we split for the day/night we have some noodles and the Malacca Special ' Fried Oyster(below) in an old Malacca Coffee Shop and the waiters are also very old. After this we split our way and three of us headed for Tangkak, Johor and stay a night in Tangkak as we are having a wedding lunch on Sunday in Tangkak.

Fried Oyster...............................................>See you all in Tangkak.

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