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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tangkak Trip for Yii Hii Ling's Wedding Lunch

Welcome back, dear friends.

Now let us continue our story where we stop in my earlier blog post at an old Chinese Coffee shop eating Fried Oyster.

It's still Saturday night and we should be headed for Tangkak, Johor after our last meal in Malacca. But which route? We are undecided as we had two routes to Tangkak and two captains namely Agnes and Irene. I just sit in the car and let them decide. We drived on but not sure wher we are heading.

I think I have to do something.
Slowly I take out my Celcom broadband simcard and put it into my Nokia handphone and start the Goggle Map. I search our location which will be our starting point and lock our destination (Tangkak) as our end point. Now I am the NEW Captain and navigated our way to Tangkak. Agnes is at the wheel and I give her instruction where to turn.

We reached Tangkak at around 10.00 PM and we checked in to OPHIR HOTEL after we parked our car near the hotel. I booked the washroom for I am the Captain but Irene beat me as I am too slow carrying our bags. She also beat me on my netbook. I am lost again.

After washing ourselves, we took a rest. These two ladies let the temprature of the aircon rael low around
19-20celsius and keep the fan blowing fast. Maybe they are still felt warm after our hot day walk in Malacca.  And yet I can see that they are pulling their bed cover to their necks.

Funny. I am freezing cool.

While they are sleeping, I start my last minute reading/study on the Story of King David and his son King Solomon for my Monday's Bible study Class. About 30 minutes later, I also lost to my eyes and pull myself next to my wife.
In the Bible Reading, I learned about sacrifice and now I sacrifice my comfort for the sack of these two ladies. I am freezing cool and they are sleeping like babies.

On Sunday morning, we wake up late and told them about the freezing cool.

Their answer......
"Why don't you off it when it is too cool for you or you may slow the fan?" Now I think I sacrifice for the wrong reason. I should eat more shell fish and live like normal man as most human are selfish.

After washing ourselves, we go to this Famous Tangkak Bah kut Teh Restaurant which is a few minutes drive from our hotel.

All photos taken with an Olympus uTough 810 - Point & Shoot camera.

Bah kut Teh - Pork ribs in Chinese herbal soup

Tangkak Famous Otak Otak - fish paste baked in coconut leaves
 After our Bah kut Teh meal aka breakfast we head back to the hotel and prepare ourselves for Yii Hii Ling's Wedding Lunch

Agnes is at the Reception Counter to settle the bill

Restaurant Shan Chai Tang - a place for the Lunch

Agnes and Irene checking for their table number and register their name.

Josephine, |Michelle and Irene contemplation on their future and wonder when the food is coming

A group photo for the memory. At the back standing are Kenny Sia and Agnes while the seated are Maggie (Kenny's girlfriend), Josephine, Michelle and Agnes.

Our first dish - many seasons

Second Dish - Abalone, Sea Cucumber and...something nice to eat

Grace's boyfriend gives out the food

This is my portion and it looks nice and taste wow..delicious.

Grace and her boyfriend

And the couple of the day.....Yii Hii Ling and her husband

Next came this disk...it's a pork skin and yet it taste delicious.

Then we have pork ribs with sea cucumber

A local man join our table sitting beside Grace and they are enjoying their food while I am busy with my camera.

Now we go back to the sea again with this Steam White Bawal

Then back to the village with this roasted duck

Rounding in the garden with mixed vegetables

Down the Johor River with this delicious fried prawn

And finally it is ended with a dessert
 Meals are all safely packed in our stomack and now time to say ' Good bye to Hii Ling and her husband'

Yii Hii Ling and her husband waiting at the door and bid farewel to everyone

Irene and Agnes took a memry picture with Yii Hii Ling
 After this we straight hit the road but the traffic for Plus Highway to KL is very heavy and it's slow moving.

Signboard of choice
Pang Wee Seng advised us to take Lekas Highway Irene joined Pang's car when we reached Seremban and two of us drive on by our own.

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