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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lunch at MUSE Restaurant Jaya ONE

It's a Saturday, July 2nd and everyone is hungry as the clock shows 1.20PM and yet decided to stay back in the office with the intention of skipping lunch. I thought I have to control my food as my wife is doing the stock count at our warehouse in Klang. This is my chance to go without food.

Just then I heard my phone rings and a voice at the other end is no other than my boss. And he asked me if I want to join his group for a lunch at Jaya ONE, fully paid.

"Ah! I thought, "Free lunch! Why not?! Forget about those diet."

I said, "Ok."

The rest of the group are waiting waiting for us a Starbuck, Jaya ONE and MUSE Restaurant is not far Starbuck.

Mushroom Soup

Seafood Aglio Olio

Grilled Lamb Chop - my choice. Nicely grilled and juicy meat, just nice to my taste.

Italian Herb Chicken Chop

 Lunch is complete and my personal verdict; the food is good and i will recommend my friend to have a round if they happen to be in Petaling Jaya.

The premise is cozy and relax. The music is soothing for the tension mind. The staffs are very helpfully and have good knowledge of their foods & Beverages.

It's time to walk back to our office. The sun is blazing hot and yet we are just happy to walk back.
The Team who make it happen!!!

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