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Friday, September 9, 2011

Just Draw it

Everyday is a different day and everyday is special. Sometime when we SEE something is interesting, we want to treasure the image in physical form for the future viewing or showing to our friends.
All of us can capture the image in our mind and describe it in the words of our mouths.

For example:  While we are walking in our neighbourhood, we SEE a child wearing a colourful dress playing with a green baby grasshopper in a garden by a small stream while her mother is watching. Her mother is pointing to the stream which indicate a warning of the danger even if we can not hear any words.

We can easily tell our friends in words with detail what we saw when we walk in our neighbourhood except the mother pointing to the stream. Why? Because we think it's not relevant. Actual it is relevant as it is an action of the character in our frame of the story.

The better way....JUST DRAW IT!

Pictures tell a better story than words as any action in picture has it's own meaning.

When I learn Tae Kwon Do in my schooling days, I always accompany my description of movement with images as images are easy to understand. It does not matter how bad your drawing is but still the picture stick better in our memory.

Before get my Nokia N73 handphone back in 2005, normally when I SEE anything interesting especially the morning sunrise, I will grab my note pad with my colour pensil and start to draw the best I can of what I see at that moment. My drawings are not so good but all the MAIN subjects are there. The round yellowish morning sun and it's striking rays which attract me in the first place. I can add anything else in the picture later. Then fix it in a frame.

The main point here is 'put in what we want to be in the frame to tell our story' so the other person who see it have the same interest and excitement as we have when we see the image for the first time. You may ask, "What about other structure like building and tree?" Those are things to enhance your picture.

Example: Sunrise at KL Twin tower or sunrise between the leaves of your palm trees lokes better than when you saw the actual sunrise in-front of your house.

I am attracted by the three rays. I saw this sunrise image over Bukit Jelutung as we drive out of Puncak Alam Expressway on the way to St. Ignatius Church on the morning Pope John Paul II passed away.

You can add the rest of the images to your main subject to make it complete. In drawing, you are the main controller. You are recalling what you saw and add something to make it more pleasing to the eyes.

It's simple...JUST DRAW IT!

When my Nokia N73 took over, then it's a different way of capturing images.

The basic of drawing principle still apply but the motto change from "Just Draw it" to "Just Shoot It."

The fact is, when you draw the image is still alive until you frame it; but when you shot, the image is dead except you can do a bit of resurrection for touch up in Photoshop.

Last not least, happy drawing and be back with Just Shoot It.

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