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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Krabi - Day Three

Welcome back dear friends and visitors. 

May your days be filled with joy and may your nights be filled with peace. 

As promised I am here to journey back in time with you to the 3rd Day of our Trip to Krabi, Thailand.
After having our Thai Massage last night, my wife and I decided not to follow the rest of the group for shopping at Krabi Town instead we decided to go for another island trip.

The tour packages available for us are:
1.       Phi Phi Island Tour
2.       Hong Island Tour
3.       James Bond Island

As we came down from our massage center, we came across this travel agent called Aonang Photo Travel and they offer us good bargain at 800 Bath per pax. 

The destination will be Phi Phi Islands. We grabbed the offer as a child grabs a toy. Normal price was 1800 bath per adult and 1200 bath per child.

Our planned destinations for the day:
1.       Bamboo Island – to explore the coral and it’s beach.
2.       Hin Klang – open sea snorkeling experience.
3.       Phi Phi Don – lunch at Restaurant
4.       Monkey Bay – sightseeing and photography
5.       Viking Cave – Sightseeing and photography
6.       Pileh Bay – Sightseeing a fantastic lagoon.
7.       Lohsamah Bay – Snorkeling
8.       Maya Bay – Hollywood film, ‘The Beach’ location.
That was our plan for the 3rd day which depends on the weather and sea condition.

At 9.15am we arrived at the pier and took a two engine speedboat.

Small Island that we passed by.
 At 9.28am we stop at Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villa to fetch more members of our team.

At 9.32am we stop again at Railay Village Resort to fetch the last batch of our members which total to 23 members. 

By right this Two engine Speedboat can carry 25 passengers.

Only Agnes and I are Asian in our group while the rest are from United States, France, Spain, Italy and Australia. All of them know how to swim except my wife Agnes but nobody knows about it until we turn back due to rough sea.

At 10.25am we stop at our first Island which is Bamboo Island. Bamboo Island has a beautiful white beach, a good place for relaxing and sunbathing. 

Dark clouds are in the horizon which shows the rain is coming.
A good scenery for photography but bad for your sea journey as the waves are getting bigger and higher with strong winds coming our way.
I wish I could FLY..
As the sea is getting rougher and the winds are blowing stronger, we decided to have an early buffet lunch in a Restaurant at Phi Phi Don. 

According to our guide, Michelle, once this place had been washed by the tsunami and most of the buildings were newly build.

Now our plan seems to be doomed. By now the waves were too high and sometimes the water comes into our boat. We are going for a Roller Coaster ride in the big waves and strong wind.

At 12.41pm we stop by the Monkey Bay for a few minutes just for sightseeing and snap some photos. We do not go onto the sandy beach of this bay. According to plan we should be snorkeling here and play with the friendly monkeys.

We moved one and at around 12.45pm we stop by the Viking Cave bay for sightseeing and snap some photos. We can not do much as it’s raining and waves rocked our boat. I could not snap any pictures, I just could not gamble with my new Nikon D7000 in this weather.  According to our guide, Viking Cave is a place to collect bird’s nest and it is under private property. No one is allowed to enter the cave.

We drive on to our next destination in the rough sea and heavy rain.

[After coming back home, my wife told me that this sea adventure is the most interesting one for her. She really enjoyed this trip. ]

At 1.00pm we enter the Pileh Bay, a fantastic and beautiful lagoon. It’s just like a room surround by mountains with a small outlet to the open sea. Sea people would love this place for hiding from the rough sea. Here we have our snorkeling and swimming in the blue clear water with a bit of drizzling. The water is calm as the lake as compare to the rough sea outside.

 And I went underwater...

All back in the boat...

Then we drive on to our main destination which is Maya Bay which is surrounded by mountain and white sand. This is the location for the movie “The Beach.” 

Most of my group asked the driver to continue the journey despite the rough sea but due to the sea getting rougher and rougher and the waves getting higher which really rocked our big speedboat. And one of the young boys from Moorty family started to shout and cry. The boys are sitting in the front of the boat with their father. They moved the boy inside the boat with his mother. Water is splashing into our boat as we cut through the waves. Then we know that going forward is too dangerous for our life. We have no choice but to turn back. As we turned back, the waves hit us from the side and that time I thought it’s all over but God is merciful, we still manage to laugh in those critical times.

Then we head for our last destination for the day which is Lohsama Bay for snorkeling and swimming. We were in Lohsama Bay for only 30 minutes as the weather is not encouraging to stay longer.

 Time to go back to Ao Nang Beach....
And I ended the day with this image....and a nice aromatic massage.
And the next day, we head for home....""Bye, Bye, KIKI!!"
We can't wait to be home...
I hope you enjoy the rough journey and thank you for being here.

If you plan to have a vacation in Krabi, make it a week as 4 days 3 nights are just too short to enjoy what Krabi has to offer.

Hope to see you in Koh Samui next year.

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