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Monday, October 10, 2011

Krabi - Day Two

Welcome back, dear friends and visitors.

On this 2nd day, we are going to taste the real adventure as today we are going for a Four Islands trip.

"Pick up your bags and be ready as the Island tour guide is already waiting for us."

My weapons are packed:
1. Olympus UTough_8010 for underwater photo
2. Nikon D7000 with Lens Sigma DC 18-200mm (dream of Nikon lens 18-200mm VRII )

Let's the journey begin.....

The Island tour guide fetched us from the hotel and it took us 10 minutes drive to reach the pier. The weather is sunny with blue sky and the sea is predicted as calm. A great day for the sea adventure.

With joyful heart and eager for new adventure, we got into the Three Engine's Speedboat and head for the open sea.

I am sitting  at the back of the boat to ensure that I won't miss the good view and if I am lucky I will be able to capture some nice photos.

We passed by this beautiful small Island

Our guide in the boat introduced himself as Mr. O, a tan, tall and skinny young handsome man. 

As we ride on, he explained to us our trip route but I am not paying much attention as I am busy with my shooting.

There are a lot of rock formations on the way until we stop a our first Island which is ‘Phranang Cave. 

According to the brochure, Phranang Cave is a very famous cave where a princess spirit house is located. This Spirit house is respected and worshiped by the local people.

The Princess Spirit house is in the fore ground
I do not capture the Princess Spirit House as I believe it should be kept it's privacy.

Ops!! He lost his grip.
Rock climbing is one of the activity that you can do on this island.

After spending for about 45 minutes on this Island, we move on to another Island called Chicken Island.

We do not stop at Chicken Island itself but we did stop not far from the Island for our snorkeling and swim with the fish session. 

We were here for 40minutes.
Taken with my Olympus UTough8010
The fishes are friendly but they also can bite your skin. Most of us jump in the water and some feed the fish. 
 As for me, I swim like mermaid with the fish. I really loves swimming in the sea.
I am the last one in the water and then we head for our 3rd Island called Tup Island. 
Tup Island is consisting of two small Islands linked by a shallow sand bank. 

As the tide recedes, the sea is gradually separated by the white sand and limestone beach which will connect the two islands at low tide. I do not swim much here as I more busy with my shooting of these wonderful scenery. We are on this island for another 45 minutes.

The sun is blazing hot in the clear blue sky. 
It’s predicted to be raining but God knows better what is good for us. 

"Thank you, God. You are just wonderful.  We love thy and we praise thy always."

Everyone is hungry as the time shows pass noon. Our guide, Mr. O told us that we will be having our lunch on our 4th and last island which is Poda Island. We will be on this island for one hour. Before we head for Poda Island, Mr. O distributes the packed lunch to everyone in the boat. 

As we approach Poda Island, the rock formation outside the beach of the island catch everyone eyes.

Poda Island, itself has a lovely white sandy beach and we can see a lot of tourist sunbathing on the beach. For me, it’s a great place to relax with a great view, strong refreshing wind and wonderful sandy beach. It also has crystal clear water and mild waves. 

But do not forget that there are a lot of monkeys on the trees above. 

More image at Poda Island....
Lunch time at Poda Island

At exactly 2.30PM local time, we depart for Ao Nang. 

That’s all for our 4 Islands trip? 

I thought more of it....I am planning to go again on the 3rd day...I just need more of the sea and swimming. But the group plan for 3rd day is shopping at Krabi Town.
That evening, my wife joined the rest of the group for shopping while I am resting and ready for the next day.  

There was no sunset on the 2nd day but still I head for the seashore when the sun come down. I am late for sunset.
 These were the images that I captured...BLUE HOUR....due to oversleep.

Hope you enjoy the four Island trip. 
Images can also be view in my  Johnragai Flickr Account

May you have a great time and see you in Krabi-Day Three.

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