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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spiritual Growth Seminar at SIC

Peace be with you.
May your hearts be always be filled with joy as joy is the best healing for man.
A joyful man is more charitable and has more 'love' to share.
But how to be joyful when the your surround are full of sadness and dissatisfaction.......?

If you are a believer of Christ Jesus, then Spiritual Growth Seminar will help you.

I said 'WILL' because I BELIEVE and TRUST in GOD's mercy and goodness.

My main issue since the begining of the world is "DO YOU TRUST GOD?"

If you trust God, come and join us for the seminar.....and let God do his work on his beloved children as HE will.

SIC Charismatic Prayer Group is organising A Growth Seminar with the theme 'Faith Shines Through Deeds' as below:

Date: 19th & 20th November 2011 (Saturday & Sunday)

Venue: Constantini Hall, Level 2, St Ignatius Church, PJ.

Fee: RM 25

Guest speakers:
Fr Clarence Dass & Fr David Reegon

This is one seminar not to be missed!!

"he who moves not forward, goes backward" quotes John Wolfgang.

You may register at the counter outside church after all weekend masses in SIC or email us your details and we will register on your behalf.

For more information, kindly contact:

Lawrance Choong @ 012 228 2408
Richard Lai @ 019 333 1002
Gail Massang @ 012 942 9411


Rose Ragai said...

i would love to attend if it is not need to fly over to get there.... mmm...God bless.

John Ragai said...

Rose,my dear sister, May your love change into holy desire and may your holy desire turn into action...and leave the rest for God to act as He will. His will be done.