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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thank you

This image was taken at Phi Phi Don from a Restaurant on my 3rd Day in Krabi, Thailand. It's raining.
Greeting dear friends and visitors.

Before I move on and write on my Krabi Trip, I would to cement my thanks and appreciation to those who help me in one way or another in my crash course in photography namely:

 Ken Rockwell who has made my selection of camera made easy. His articles on photograpghy open new doors for me. I would recommend everyone who would like to know more on photograpghy to his website. Before you leave from his website, please click on the AD list to help him.

I have chosen a Nikon D7000 and abandoned my earlier choice of Canon 60D.
But this does not mean I freeze my Olympus UTough-8010 which have been my daily companion over the years. It's just my Olympus has a Nikon as new partner in shooting. I carry them both, one in my pocket and one hanging on my neck as I hunt for the 'Wow' images.
I will always remember one of Ken's advice, "In order to improve is to shoot, more shoot and more shoot until you get the image you want."

I also like to thank my fellow blogger, KvinLim with 1SimplePlan where I got to know about Ken Rockwell website. You make my day, Kvin.

My thanks also extend to my new friends in James, David and Joanna from DY Divine Sdn Bhd of Digital Mall, Section 14 where I bought my camera body, Sigma18-200mm F3.5-6.5 DC and filter. This non VR or IS lens bug my mind at first but now I like it as my hands become familiar and steadier. I bought this camera back in August 2011.

The camera is already in my hands but that is only half of the battle.

How to make use of this great tool of photography?
(Camera is only a tool but the brain behind the camera is the main driver. It's like a good pan does no make you a good cook. You have to learn how to cook and it's the same in photography...if I am not mistaken Ken Rockwell said that.)

These photographers help me to handle the 'HOW' part.

My thanks also to Liz-Masoner for her Photography Lessons which really help me to know more about the camera and it's function of beside photograpghy as a whole. I once screwed my Olympus camera because of my overzealous of adjustment to make my photo better but with the knowledge that she imparted to me, my Nikon is in safe hand.  About.com, thank you for making it possible. I also recommend this site to those who want to grow in photograpghy.

My thanks also extend to Photographer Jim Richardson and National Geographic for those great articles on photography. I admire his work and I hope I have those passion that he has in photography.

Ken Rockwell also helps me in the 'how' with his great articles and I thank him for helping me to understand photography better.

For those who gave me a tips or two, I also thank you and I appreaciate your help and comment.

Thank you, Agnes, my dear partner and wife for being there with me.

Thank you, dear visitor who stop by my blog. May God bless you and your family with good health and a joyful heart.
Your comments are appreciated and your click on the AD help my day.

Thank you, God for your loving presence within me.
Thank you, God for creating those beautiful images that I long to capture on my camera.
Glory be to God for ever and ever.

Now let start shooting....and grow in photography together...and give all glory to God.

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