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Friday, November 18, 2011

Wedding Event - Kimmy & Chris

The Year 2011, 11th of November that is 11.11.11 is so special for most people who believe in the power of numbers. Do you believe in the power of numbers? It seems that people of all walk of life in Malaysia believe in the power of numbers. This can be justified by the thousand of Malaysian's couples took their vow "I Do" on that day which included our beloved friends, Kimmy Teaw and Chris Yap.

When I first got invited for their dinner wedding which was held at SSTwo Mall on 13th November 2011, my first reaction was, "Is it? Wow!! that's great!!"

When good friends get married it's a wonderful thing and we thanks them for inviting us to share their wonderful moment with us. I love those smiling faces and laughters during the event like this.

The next thing come to my mind was, "This is a good opportunity for me to take wedding photos but always remind myself of where I stand. Hired photographer comes first. Remember!!!" I think I can handle that.

On the afternoon of 13th November, I fully charged my camera battery. I took a waist pouch and packed my camera Nikon D7000 attached with my new lens Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G. It fitted nicely in my waist pouch. There will be alot of running around with this 50mm and carrying a waist helps my movement.
Then again I think, why not bring along another lens, Sigma DC 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3. It's a non-OS lens. I also packed in my waist pouch. How about speedlight? I need it for better lighting but just out of budget at the moment. Maybe next year budget.
When my wife and I entered a lift at the car park to the restaurant at SSTwo Mall, I am glad to see Kimmy, Chris and their hired photographer from micasa-bridal-house. It's just like being fixed that I should know this photographer better and yet till the end we never introduce ourselves. He is a good looking guy with a friendly smile. hope to know him one day. I thank him for the opportunity to get some critical shots.

The guest registration and angpows receiving table at the hall entrance.
Both couple received their friends.

Dedicated table for Kimmy and Chris' friend from DKSH. There are a few tables.

The couple entering the dinner hall.

The main table where the couple will be seated.

The couple seated at their table while their hired photographer captures 'the special moment' of Kimmy and his mother having a private conversation.
The couple learned to work as one family in cutting wedding cake.

Pouring two bottles of Champagne into one glass as one family.

 Kimmy and Chris new family taking a toast with their guests.
 Yum!!!! Seang!!!
And up it goes.....

Kimmy helps his wife Chris down the stage stairs.

Our Brother Law sings a lovely song for the couple.
Janet ask, "Did you capture their picture?"
Kimmy and his Biker's friends.

The wedding dinner is over and the guest head for the entrance.

I hope I got the right shots that make the event 'wedding dinner' and I will try to make it much better next wedding dinner event which will be this coming Sunday, November 20th, 2011.

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Appreciate your comment on this blog and it's images.

Peace and love to all.
John Ragai

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