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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

May Lim's Son's Birthday & House warming

Light the candleBoy and his giftsMay with Jacky and friendSmile!Food timeCome and have some
How's business, Jacky?Why no one accompany her?Eve and her familyIt's like this high!The one with the best smile can go homeHe is flying that way!
You have to twist it's head like this!I am alone in the middle of the pictureYou make me laughColors of DKSHMay & FriendsMay and her Morgan's friends
May and friend (LS)May & friend (P)May's sons and daughters are ready for the cakesMay's daughter and Eve's daughterMay Lim's family in the candle lightMay Lim's family in the candle light (DA)
On Saturday, March 24th 2012, our DKSH friend, May Lim invite us to join her to celebrate her son's birthday and also a house warning for her new house.
It's a joyful and lovely occasion with lots of kids and familiar faces from DKSH and Morgan. Though some are May's old workmate. Smiling faces are all around.
As normal, I am having a fast food and some fruits and off I go taking candids and posed photos.
Here are some of those photos.

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