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Monday, April 2, 2012

Linda & Linda

LindaLinda & LindaLinda - Mei ChinLindas' swingGood SignLin's pose for me
Still Good signHow about this side?Dataran Merdeka!Linda still at DataranLinda getting closerMei Chin at Dataran
Linda gonna flyLinda: "See my Egyptian pose!"Linda: Egyptian pose gets closerLinda & Linda at DataranLinda & Linda at Dataran (Portrait)Linda at the Palm
Linda - Mei Chin at the PalmLove for NatureLines and shadowsFigures and shadowsCandid: Show me your chinShow me your neck

Linda & Linda, a set on Flickr.

On March 24th, 2012 I met these two ladies who claimed to be tourist from HongKong while doing my weekend Street Photography in Kuala Lumpur.
As we walk on the same path, I ask them where they gonna go next. They informed me that they want to visit Malaysia National Monument. I described to them the way to national Monument but from their reaction, I make a decision to show them our National Monument. This leads me to become their photographer for their visit to the Dataran Merdeka and National Monument.
We also went to Central Market where we have our Lunch and my lunch is sponsored by them.
Thank you, Linda & Linda.
These are their photos which I uploaded for their viewing.

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