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Friday, April 13, 2012

A Photographer Journey - Part 1

I am back with this a question, "Why photography"?

Most of my friends knew that I am not in photography but I am more in video recording. During those days, I am always with my JVC Camcoder wherever I went to capture the moment.

I really love to record but I do not have a good computer to process those recorded video. Some of my recorded tapes are not even process. I only have a humble old Pentium PC and later a netbook which not helping at all. Now my old Pentium PC are gone kaput. The worst part, I know nothing of video recording but I learn with trial and error method. If I get the good video then I will repeat it, if not I will change the method again until I get it right.

In 1997, I slowly move to photography when my wife bought a Nokia N73 for me. I shoot anything and record anything but I know nothing of photography as an art. Even when travel abroad, i still shoot with my Nokia N73 like our trip to Chengmai, Thailand and Cambodia.

No desire to learn photography as an art yet.

In mean time, few of my workmate were very excited about photography and most of them are on Canon 450. They are Chan Wai Leong who later owned a Canon 5D Mk II, Chew Chee Long with his 450 and Michelle with another Canon. Even our GM also bought a Canon 450.

I tell myself, one day I also want a Canon. Then came out Canon 550D, I tell my wife that I want that camera but I end up with an Olympus uTough 8010 in 2010.

Now I have a real camera, a point and shot camera which cost us MYR 1,299 and the normal price was MYR 1,499. I am very excited of this new toy and my shooting spree start again. I shoot anything and record anything but I am incline to do candid shots.
My camera setting is always 'P' because I want to train myself for my future DSLR.

I learn about photo taking from  Olympus Website especially How to take good picture and Underwater Photography Lesson.

I also start to have an interest to learn photography and I start to read National Geographic on their website especially their photography section. There I came across a particular photographer by the name of Jim Richardson. I read all his articles on photography on Natgeo.

Then in July 2011, I signed in with About.com Photography Lesson with Liz-Masoner as my teacher. Now I am really into the photography as an art. I want more and my Olympus camera is over used as I shoot everyday. I need to upgrade my tools.

By now I want a Canon 60D as I prefer it over Nikon D5100.

Nikon D7000 is not on my mind yet.

(Time for dinner...Happy weekend.)
To be continued

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