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Friday, May 11, 2012

Fish Head Noodle at Section 17

Yesterday I over heard my wife chat with her friend regarding our favourite Fist Head Noodle at Section 17 (Sentosa), Petaling Jaya. The place is quite near from our working place at Jalan Universiti. Thus that's one of the reason why we always come to that particular stall beside it's mouth watering noodles.

I overheard she mentioned about her meal which she had posted to her Facebook Wall through her new IPhone 4S. Her friend, May seemed to be very interested to know the location of this Fish Head Noodle as she also like Fish Head Noodle.

This prompt me to share our favourite place for dinner after office hours.

The stall is located in the corner coffee shop at a junction of  Jalan 17/40  and Jalan 17/27 Section 17 and in the front of the shop there are stalls selling fruits (mostly Banana), Bread and one stall frying Kueh Cha Koi.

The Restaurant name is Jackson Restaurant where you can also find Jackson Friend Hokkien Mee

Once you enter the coffee shop, you will see this stall with four types of Noodles offered complete with it's price.

And this is the man who owned the stall.
I salute this hardworking and joyful man. You will know when you see him.

This is the Fish Head Noodle which is Agnes' favourite meal.

As for me, I prefer Garoupa Noodle where fried fish replaced with fresh sliced Garoupa fish.

Taste wish, both are worth the journey and definitely will make you to come again.

Food Quality - Excellent
Food Quantity - Excellent by my standard of eating.( sshh I can eat a lot.)
Price - match the taste.
Cleanliness - Good.
Friendliness - Excellent
Environment - just like normal coffee shop.

I love to cook and I am always want to know what is inside my foods.

Roughly what inside the bowl are:
Fish Head - fried fish
Garoupa - fresh raw fish

The rest of ingredients are the same.
- Noodle
- Tomatoes
- Salted Vegetables
- Ginger
- Milk
- Daun Soup
For taste a pitch of salt and white pepper.

How he cook?

On the cooking process, I advise you to see for yourselves.

Update on Business hours:
Old time to 8.00pm
New time: 7.00AM to 6.00PM

Good night and happy weekend.


tourshereandthere said...

you are such a gifted raconteur and photographer. thanks a lot for dropping by my site. i hope that you will follow me literally. thanks a lot!

John Ragai said...

Thank you for your kind words. I have clicked follow on your blog and I will visit yours for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Apparently my brother in law has moved from this shop to No 48, Jalan 19/13. 46400 Petaling Jaya. The new shop is under renovation and will soon open on 5 August 2013. We will definately invite you to write for him and ofcourse food tasting.


John Ragai said...

Hi Kenneth,
Thank you for your update on your brother in law new address. Love to pay a visit to his new shop one day.