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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Know the Street Session: How much Time is Enough?

As I always roamed the Street of Kuala Lumpur on Saturday during my weekly Know the Street Session, my wife used to ask me "How much Time is Enough for you?

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I understand her question very well as she prefers her husband to be with her in the office. For me, I prefer to walk the street and meet the people of the street and capture some photos along the way.

AM I in a cage?
It's not a matter of how much time is enough as sometime I can walk the street of Kuala Lumpur for hours and just managed to captured just a few shots. But sometime less hours spend in the street and get more shots.

Multinational: An Indonesian, A Chinese and Bangladeshie
First we captured their photos then greet them with our warmest smile. If our smiles get a good respond, then a relationship is created and a new friend made.

Here I AM!!!
Knowing the street well and the people of the street knew you by name, your presence brings gladness and joy for those who wait for you to capture their images. Who can ignore them?

No one want to make a headlines but normal man on the street still looks at the headline even while they are walking in the street.

Purchase and Eat
Purchase and Eat is a way of life in the street and the street people are always in motion.

Creative Selling Strategy
In the street, you will see the creativity of man to survive. Many ways to attract your attention to his goods.


Unloading: Catch!!
Though the people of the street are busy but they are always generous with their smiles.

Heading Home
I am heading for home as my one hour allocation is almost over and yet some are still looking at the map for the places of interest in the City of Kuala Lumpur.

Looking at Map
Now you tell me, how much time is enough to do street photography during the weekend?

May you have a great evening.


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