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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Malacca - Johore Trip 2012 - Final Part

This is the last part of Malacca - Johore Trip 2012.

Early Sunday morning, Chew Chee Long went out to Pasar (Morning Market) with his auntie to buy some breakfast for us. When we woke up, they brought home a lot of packed food.

 Heavy breakfast at Auntie's house.

After breakfast we headed for our first destination which according to Chee Long's cousin is a good place to visit when you are in Batu Pahat, Johore. It's a Tou Pekong or a Chinese Temple.

 The road to Tou Pekong.

 As we approached the Tou Pekong area, a tourist bus was already there. The building behind the bus is a building for Bird rearing project to get their nest.

 Tou Pekong's guide explained to us about this horse and the horse master.

 A statue of the deity in the small house behind the horse.

The Tou Pekong, Batu Pahat, the praying place for those who believe.

Entrance of the Tou Pekong where the visitors light their joysticks.

Irene Aik is pouring water on the Golden Frog as according to the Tou Pekong guide, good luck will follow you if you batch the Golden Frog and stroke it's back.

A bronze Turtle carrying wealth on it's back which is located next to the entrance of the Tou Pekong.

As I am busy taking photos, the Tou Pekong's guide  motioned me to follow him to the new Tou Pekong building to show us a new additional attraction. The building is still under construction. I wonder if I am look more like a reporter to attract his attention.

First is a place of prayer and worship.

And the second is an image of a Tiger which changed color every second based on the light source that shine on the image. It looks interesting and a great work of art.

We thanked the Tou Pekong's gentleman who show us around the temple.

Then we drove on to another destination recommended by Chee Long's cousin which was Pantai Minyak Beku as shown by the sign by the road side.

The Sign.

 Nicely laid stairs to a small chalet.

 A jetty for the small ship.

 Our group at the jetty with Pang Wee Seng and Samantha.
 Samantha, the one that Pang's love.

And below is the sharing of tissue as a sign of love.
"Thank you, Pang and Samantha for being with us."

Alas! As we turned out from the beach area, an alligator stopped us as the alligator walked in the middle of the road.
After we passed, the alligator crawled to the side of the road. Is that a sign?

We were a bit hungry and thirsty.
We went to a Famous Kedai Makan Soon Lai for our lunch.

We have LOBAK which was tasty and mouth watering good.

Then we have special noodles which remind me of the same delicacy in Sarikei.

Our last meal were a mixer of Herbal hard boiled Eggs, taufu, pork meat and pork inner parts.

The cook and his team serving their customers. Their moment really fast and it's seems that everyone knows
what they are doing, they are more like automatic robots.

Our last stop was at the famous Renggit Coffee.

We bid good bye to Auntie and Chee Long's cousin.

And off we go and head for Kuala Lumpur then Petaling Jaya.

When we approached Kuala Lumpur, It's already dark as the sun was hiding in the horizone.

That night we arrived home in Puncak Alam almost 11.00pm. 

On Monday we were having a half day leave and I am also not so well which resulting in missed my Bible Study Class that Monday evening.

That's completed our journey to Malacca and Johore 2011.

I hope one day, you will visit these interesting places for sightseeing and to taste their delicious and mouth watering foods.
Peace be with you. Good night.

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