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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Malacca - Johore Trip 2012

Upon cheking out from the hotel, early the next morning which was a Saturday with a refreshed body and crystal clear mind we started our journey again. The sky was dark in the horizon as a sign that the rain is coming our way.

Good prediction!
After only a few kilometers drive, heavy rain start to hit the ground. Mist everywhere and we just have to follow the car PDP 1238 in front of us for direction. The car driver is our friend Mr. Pang Wee Seng.

According to Mr Pang, there is a special Noodle which we have to taste when visiting Malacca. These Noodle is called Fried Shrimp Noodles which can be found at Kampong Lapan.

Pang Wee Seng taste the first bowl of Fried Shrimp Noodle. The noodle taste is good but the environment is noisy due to strong wind and heavy rain.

We ignored the heavy rain and continued our journey for the next food destination which happen to be in Malacca Town.

 The man who cooked the Noodles.

 The Noodles price list paste on the side of his Noodles Stall.

 Hand Make Fish Ball - delicious and soft.

 Duck Noodles (Mee) - in soup : Tasty and the meat is soft.

 Duck Noodles (Mee) - Dry

 Duck Noodles (Mee Hoon) -  Dry (after stir)

Satisfying faces after consuming the delicious food.

Please note that we always split the food into two meaning two persons shared one bowl in order to budget our stomach space for the next food destination. That's why it's good to travel in pair of four or six.

By now the rain has stopped and the Brother Sun is smiling at us.

Our next stop was at a Nyonya Shop who sells Nyonya delicacy namely Bak Chang or wrapped stuff glutinous rice.

Wrapped Glutinous Rice hanged at the entrance of the shop.
 The colored glutinous rice to be wrapped and stuffed with meat to add flavour and taste.

The mouth watering Famous Nyonya Bak Chang.

We also tasted their delicious Nyonya Rolled Popiah which according to Mr Pang is a must taste delicacy when visiting Malacca.

Then we drived on towards Muar, Johore while Mr Pang is heading home as he is having a badminton Tournament in the evening at Malacca.

 My street photography alertness kicked in when I saw the driver in the taxi next to us checking his lucky numbers. Hopefully he will strike one of those numbers in the near future.

 As street photographer is always a street photograher.
I started with, "You have a great black hair. Those curl on your forehead makes you looks handsome."
With that I took a candid shot and respond with, "Some say I looks like Shah Rukh Khan."
Then we have a good laughs at the petrol station.

With a joyful heart and our car tank full, we head for Muar, Johore.

The sign shows that we are at Muar, Johore.

As it's was lunch time, we headed for some Wantan Mee (Noodles).

And some famous Muar delicacy especially Otak Otak or minched fish cake.
BBQ Otak Otak.

After finished the Otak Otak, four of us as shown in the reflection went to Chew Chee Long's friend shop. Her name is Ms Annie. She is beautiful, generous with her smile and helpful. She will be our private tour guide in Muar.

Some of the interesting building in Muar Town.

Then we followed our guide to an Otak Otak Muar factory for a sightseeing and purchase some otak otak to bring back to Petaling Jaya.

At the factory, they also sell the ready cooked otak otak beside the frozen packed uncook otak otak.

Then we drived on by following the car driven by Ms Annie and we passed a goft course not far from a river.

At the end of the ride, we stopped at a wharf called Jeti Tanjong Emas Muar.
The group striked a pose...Ms Annie, Mr Chew Chee Long, Agnes Ngieng and Irene Aik. After this we split with Ms Annie and we head for batu Pahat, Johore.

At Batu Pahat, we stayed for the night at Chew Chee Long's auntie's house.
Famous landscape in Batu Pahat.

As we drive home to Chew Chee Long's auntie house, I managed to capture this image of a Catholic Church, "Gereja katolik St. Henry".

We have not much activity in the evening and this is my last shot for the day, some of the interesting old shops in batu Pahat.

As we are a bit tired, we took an early sleep.

The next day we have a new destination based on Chew Chee Long's cousin recommendation.
Hope to see you again in the last part of this journey.
Stay healthy and drive safe.


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