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Friday, May 4, 2012

Malacca Trip 2012.1

Lets continue our journey from my last posting entitled Malacca Trip-2012 where we have reached the Hotel.

As we could not check in, we decided to place our luggages at the Hotel front office and continue our tour in Malacca Town.

Our first stop was at Malacca River which used to be a busy port in the old days during the Sultanate of Malacca.

A nicely built bridge accros the Malacca River but most people prefer the normal road. I considered this bridge as part of Malacca City beautification project to attract more tourist.

This couple looks like a tourist and actually they are Chew Chee Long and Irene Aik who were busy taking pictures.

This is one of the main street where a lady painter is busy painting her silk batik. She is a friendly lady and she invites me to see her works in her shop.

The lady painter works her wonders on a silk cloth in front of her shop.

Chee Long and Irene walked along the main street in front of a Chinese Temple.

A tricycle avoiding the on coming overhead dragon.

Too tired to move in the blazing hot sun, a man takes a quick nap in his colourful tricycle.

 Chew Chee Long and I continued our journey up a hill to St Paul Church.

 St Paul Church with St Francis Xavier Statue

St Paul Church, Malacca from a front view.

Description of St Pauls Church based on the plate erected in front of the Church.
This church was originally a small chapel built by a Portuguese Captain called Duarto Coelho in 1521 and was called "Nosa Senhora - Our Lady of the Hill'. The chapel was handed over to the "Society of Jesus" and enlarged in 1556 with the additional of a second storey and named "Annunciation".
A tower was erected in 1590.
When the Dutch took over Malacca from the Portuguese in 1641 , they changed the church name to St Paul Church and they used it as a place for worship for 112 years until their own Church, the Christ Church was completed in 1753.

Christ Church which was built by the Dutch and completed in 1753. Since then their place of worship moved down here from St Paul Church on the hill above.

The ruin of St Paul Church also a favourite place for Wedding Photographers.

If you feel you are lost, you may get some information from this beautiful Tourist Information Centre.

Another good way to tour Malacca and get a better mileage is by bicycles as this lady on 'SAYANG 2'.

Thirsty while walking the blazing hot sun?
Don't worry.
Street drinks vendor is an easy way to quench your thirst.

In the afternoon, we hit the road again and we headed for Klebang Besar, Melaka.
According to our friend, Pang Wee Seng (ex-DKSH staff) now with Texas Instrument, Sunday Ice Cafe has something special for us.

 Curry Bee Hoon is Pang's favourite.

 And he also likes Ice Kacang.

 And Rojak Sotong is for us. Not too spicy and it taste great.

Then came the Sunday Ice Cafe's special, a bowl mixer of ice cream, jelly, laicy, sweet corn, sweeten pears, cherries and sea coconut. Mixer of taste but its a good dessert.

Then we headed for another Malay famous stall looking for their famous Nasi Lemak in Kampong Kesidang, Melaka.

 Agnes orders some food from a friendly Pak Cik.

 The stall famous Nasi Lemak.
The rice is well cook with a perfect mixer of coconut milk. The gravy is the real puller, it's not too hot, well cook to perfected the taste of the rice which accompanied by a delicious Chicken rendang.

Roti Boom is just an additional dish for us, the first timer to this stall.

Then having half full, we headed for home which happen to be Samantha's house.

There we were having BBQ chicken wings before we head for the Badminton Court to give our support to  Pang WS as he is representing his Company Texas Instrument in a Badminton Tournament.

Pang WS is in action and they won the match which mean they will play again the next day.

Our journey for food is not over yet even it's quite late after the game.

We go for our last food destination for the day which is HAJI MUSA MEDAN IKAN BAKAR SEGAR.

The team is heading to the Haji Musa Medan Ikan Bakar Segar.

It's near a small river.

Selection of sea food available at the Haji Musa Medan Ikan Bakar Segar.

 We selected some prawns which were BBQ. Two prawns per person.

 Fried Kailan for better digestion of the seafood.


Sweet and Soup Fish

Lastly fried sotong (cuttlefish).

We have utilised the whole day with food and sightseeing and it's almost midnight...we head for the hotel and ready for the next day.

According to our plan, the next day we will head for Muar and Batu Pahat, Johore for more food and sightseeing.

But that is another journey, another story...a Trip to Johore. Hope to see you in Johore.

"Happy Wesak Day'...Good night.

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