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Friday, May 25, 2012

Nangka Madu Klon J33 at Section 17

Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) or Nangka as it is known in Malaysia is one of my favourite local fruit.

Jackfruit/Nangka Madu J33 Tekam Yellow

I am always looking for the good and sweet Nangka and I have found one small stall selling these good Nangka at the Morning Wet Market in Section 17, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Encik Zainal shows Nangka Madu
Encik Zainal whose origin from Kuching, Sarawak is the person who sells the Nangka at this stall.

At the Morning  Wet Market, he only sells a premium species which he called Nangka Madu J33 or Nanga Madu Tekam Yellow at MYR 5.00 per pack of 10-11 seeds.

Most of his Nangka fruits were sold to the wholesalers in the Klang valley.

According to Encik Zainal, he started his Nangka plantation which consists of more than a thousand trees with seven Nangka species three years ago.

Further he revealed to me that most of the Sarawakian especially in Kuching seems to prefer other fruits than Nangka. I assure him that though I am also a Sarawakian but I like Nangka very much. And stressed that the Nangka that he sold here is much much better than my village local Nangka.

The taste of these Nangka is as sweet as honey but not the sugar cane sweetness. The flesh is tender but not soft. And if you store these Nangka in your frig, it will last a few days and the taste is still the same.
Normally other local Nangka tend to be soften over time.

Jackfruit/Nangka Madu J33 (Tekam Yellow)
Encik Zainal also sells his Nangka Madu J33 at Kelana Jaya Morning Market.

If you want to taste his delicious and mouth watering Nangka Madu J33 Tekam Yellow, come to his stall at Section 17 Morning Market, Petaling Jaya.

The morning market is opposite of Jaya One and DKSH Office and the main road is Jalan Universiti.

I just love local fruits!!

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