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Friday, June 29, 2012

Along the Way - Change of Plan

Saturday is the day that I am always waiting for. Why?
It's a day of passion and love. It's a day of releasing my desire and passion for the one I love to do that is roaming the Kuala Lumpur Street and capture the life in the street. My initial plan this morning was roaming the street but my wife has another plan which is to accompany his brother to look for a Basic DSLR.

As he is a Canon 60D user, I presumed that he is going for a Canon. Yet I am trying my best to promote Nikon D3200 as the price is within his budget. Lens wise, it's better for him to get a Canon.
Let he decide and I will be his bodyguard.
(Latest update: My wife's brother can not make it as he is not well.)

How about me and my itchy fingres?
I have to release this urge and itchy fingers some how. Thus I have a change in plan.
All these while I have been shooting from a moving car as my wife is driving either day or night, morning or evening. I shoot anything from road accident to nomal vendors by the roadside and I am getting better at it as I have being shooting thousand of images from the car since I was using my Olympus UTough 8010 then Nikon D7000.
The only different the way of how I handle the two system are Olympus UTough 8010 using P Mode while Nikon D7000 using M mode. In Olympus UTough 8010, I normally ramp up the ISO to increase the shutter speed. That's one of the reason, I get a DSLR in the first place. I want more control on my camera setting. While my setting in Nikon D7000 with a good morning sun lighting as of today was Manual Mode, ISO 100, F/4, Shutter Speed: 500s, W/B: Sunny or you may set as Auto, EV-7 and capture in RAW. I capture in RAW because I want to process directly in camera and by the time we reach the office my shots are ready.

How I handle camera in the car?
Normally I hold the camera firm in my right hand and the left hand supporting. Do not support on the window as that will increase your camera shake. Back of my body of the off the car seat to compensate the movement of the car. You become the human camera stabilizer. Relax my body and keep my eyes for the relevant SUBJECT MATTER far before hand as the car is normally moving in the range of 50KM to 100KM per hour. As my wife is a very good driver and the Malaysian Roads are good, so I normally get a smooth ride.

When to squeeze the shutter?
Normally when I see a SUBJECT MATTER in view, I plan, estimate the distance of attack, camera ready. When the subject matter reach the distance of attack, follow through the subject, compose, frame and squeeze shutter. You will be surprise at your composition after alot of practice.

How about Focus and metering Mode?
Ops almost forget the most important issue, if you use the wrong AF the camera can not focus and you can't shoot. I normally use AF-C (Auto Focus - Continuous) with metering mode either matrix, point or weighted, depend on what you want to capture. In AF-A, the camera can not focus and you can not shoot.

These are the images taken with Nikon D7000 with Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G attached that I captured since my breakfast this morning.
All images are not crop unless stated

Breakfast: Nasi Dagang

Choice: Left or Right
 As the car moved at 50km/h, a fruit vendor in view.

Roadside Fruits Vendor
The Pole

 As the car moved at 60km/h, a cyclist in view.
Exercise: Cycling

Missing Driver
 The car slow down to 40km/h after the traffic light.
Half Open

Crowded and Dying
 THe car is accelerating to 95km/h. Here I need a burst shot.

Swamp as in the movie 'Platoon' (Crop bottom-to clear orange road block)
Mist and Sunshine - this shot was taken on a misty day at this same location from a moving car. This image is one my TOP 50 according to Flickr's Interestingness.

Construction area and the car slow down to 50km/h
Late for work

 The car is moving down hill at 60km/h.

The car stopped at traffic light.
Advertisment: Commercial Land for SALE
 The car move again and it's getting faster.
Discussion on the Project
 The car is going up hill at 70km/h

Ready to work
The car is going down hill and almost reach the traffic light which is the end of Puncak Alam Expressway.
The cars give way to a group of training cyclists.

Give Way
 I turn and squeeze the shutter as one of cyclist passed our car next to my window.
Out of Focus
After the traffic light, this cyclist seems to be racing with this man in the Blue uniform.

Lets Race
 At the traffic light next to JAYA ONE or next to UIA.

 When this sign comes in view, we are near to our office at Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya.

A familiar figure.


Did I capture her picture?
Yes I did but no one recognise her in this image.
My dear sister, don't worry. A photographer always have a way to hide your identity and still can share the image as an art.
May you have a great day.
Happy Weekend and Happy Shooting.

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