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Monday, June 11, 2012

Good Bye, Alda Evan Tan

As every Monday, I headed for St Ignatius Church, Kelana Jaya except today we were having a SIC Scripture Study facilitator meeting. I wonder why so many car at the church. Someone told me that there was a body in the parlour.
Wonder who?
As I took photos of the evening sunset and the flowers around the church, my friend Ignatius Massang came by with his beloved son. Actually we had been not seeing each other for few years. He mentioned that his beautiful wife is still at work.

Then he told me that his friend passed away. In my heart, I said if it's his friend then I should have known.
I do not ask him who was in the parlour but instead I went upstairs to do my meditation.

We started out meeting at around 8.00pm and the first thing our Chief Co-ordinator Mr Francis Khoo mentioned was the passing of our senior SIC member's son. He mentioned the name as Alda Tan.

I am curious as my heart pumped faster and I ask, "Is it Alda Evan Tan?"

He responded with, "Yes. He passed away at 4.45AM this morning."

Sadness overcome me as my soul pray in tongue.

I may not know him and never meet him personally but through my prayer since I first knew about him as in my blog , I am close to him in my soul.

During our SIC Scripture Study meeting, my heart was trouble and I can not wait to say good bye to the friend whom I never meet.

I rushed down to the parlour and the Charismatic Group was reciting the Rosary. Brother Richard Lai motioned with his hand to me to join them. My heart was really trouble and I prayed in tongue outside the parlour. When the rest of my group arrived, I joined them inside to recite the Rosary and Divine Mercy prayer.  I just lost my words and pray in the words I do not know.

After the prayer, I sprinkled the holy water on his photo and then moved to the coffin and through the glass, I saw him face to face. Laying peacefully in the coffin was our late brother Alda Evan Tan.

No words just a tingle in my heart said, "Good bye, my friend".

"Heavenly, our brother Alda Evan Tan's soul rest in peace. May his parents, his sister, his wife and children be comforted by your love and grace. Grant them the strength and courage to overcome the passing of their beloved one. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen."

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