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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ngieng and Low: Meeting of Two Parents

The time has come for Seng Ping and Samatha to bring their parents for a meeting to discuss a serious matter concerning their future.

They agreed for the meeting to be held on Sunday, June 24th 2012 and they have chosen Restoran Thing Hoo as the place for the meeting of the two parents.

The parents:

Seng Ping's Father

Samantha's Mother
The loving Couple:

The couple seems to be in the best of time and ready for the next step in their friendship.

And they are looking at the same direction for the common goal.

For the rest of us, it's time to order the food for the night.

Food Ordering

Honey Fried Chicken

Mixed Vegetables with Seafoods
Tom Yam Seafoods - my favorite
Tom Yam Seafoods in Coconut
Steamed Sea Bass/Siakap - also my favorite
Seng Ping and his nephew, Robert Ngieng
The main negotiator, Agnes Ngieng
The main language used during the discussion were Mandarin (Chinese dialet) and I think they are talking about the couple marriage arrangement; how much $ to give out and when is the date, how many table for the reception dinner, transport. Photography? No worry, I am always available.

Dinner is great. The food delicious.
My personal comments on the food:
Overall the food were delicious and perfectly to my taste. The Tom Yams were great and the seabass was prefectly cooked. Friendly and helpful staffs.  Price wise, it's worth it. Love to come again and I would recommend this restaurant to my 'love eating' friends.

The meeting and dinner is over and everyone is in a happy mood.

Time to say, "Good Bye and see you again."

Time for Agnes and I to make say, "GOOD NIGHT" and make our journey home to Puncak Alam.

See you next time. May you have a great evening.

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