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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Snatch thief at St Ignatius Church

Snatch thief at St Ignatius Church?
"This can not be happening in the Church's area" was my first response when the Church security guard informed me about the incident late Monday night on June 11th, 2012.

I was just finished my offering of prayer to our late brother Alda Evan Tan whose body was in the parlour and I was waiting for my wife relate to me the incident.

According to the security guard, the victim was also coming for the same purpose that is to offer prayers to the decease.

This is how it happen as per the security guard.

A man on a motor cycle rode into the church compound whom he recognised as a young Malay guy. The guard told motorbike rider not to park his motorbike in the church's car park. The man on the motorbike respond with "OK" as he made a U turn and rode out of the Church compound.

A lady with her hand bag hanging on her shoulder was standing next to the gate which was also next to the guard house. She maybe waiting for someone there.

As the motorcycle passed the gate, the motorbike rider grabbed the lady's handbag and rode off.

Ops!! So easy to be conned and rob!

Further the security guard told me that he could not see the motorbike's plate number and he just pointed to the CCTV camera hoping that the camera captured something. I doubt that as it was quite dark.

Lesson to be learned:
Ladies, watch out for your handbag. Keep it close to your body. Keep it on the inside of the road when you walk on the road..
Man, Watch out for your ladies.

I wonder why human are so desperate out there? Is there no other job available or just lazy to get a job?

No body is to be blame but we have to look at the source of these social challenge.

Parents: Watch out for your children or else they may mix with the wrong type of people.

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