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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sorry for the inconvenience cause

What a title for a blog , right?

That is how I sum up what had happened to Agnes and I today.

It was a peaceful Thursday morning and we were in full sprit of life and looking forward for a great day.

June 14th, what a great day as June 15th will be my 19th anniversary working with Diethelm Malaysia or DKSH.

We started the morning with my favourite Wantan Mee with Sarsiew.

Then Agnes dropped me at the Section 17 Morning Wet Market to pruchase some 'kampong egg' for my morning breakfast.

The beautiful scene showered by the morning sun along the way back to the office attracted me.

During the day, everything worked well and I also wrote a blog about street crime.

In the evening, we were having our dinner at Taman Sentosa, Section 17 and as we walked back to our car, I saw a Merz reversing to park in front of our car and "BANG!"

What?! He reversed into our car.

WVY 328
He parked the car while the rear of his car still touched with the front of our car. I tapped on his side mirror on the passenger side. He came out of his car as I said, "Sir, you knock our car."
He respond with "Is it? "
"Yes, you have." I confirmed. And I added, "can you move you car forward abit?"
He took a look at the back of his car and then go back in and move the car forward.
This time when he came out again, he said, "Yes, I also can feel the knock just now".
"Nothing damaged, right?"
I reponded with, "Nothing damaged."
He said, "Sorry!" And he walked off for his dinner.
But my wife still grumbled about the man reaction to the incident when we drove off.

As we drove home, our car tyre on the passenger side, burst. Wow! What a night?!

Burst Tyre taken off

Manual Wrench

Replace with spare tyre

Better head for home fast before anything else happen. By this time, my Nikon camera was getting dirty as my hands were covered with dirt and oil. Who cares i need these images. I pushed the ISO to 2000 and set to manual setting.

The wordings that I captured in the morning infront of HongKong Bank, Damansara Jaya.
Agnes, always warned me to be careful with my words as my words can be a blessing or a curse. Yesterday night she reminded me again about this when we drove from Damansara Toll to Puncak Alam.


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