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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Street Crime is getting serious

June 15th is my 19th anniversary being with this company and since my first day, my friends who have worked along side had experienced many incidents that involved street crime.

1st case:
The 1st case happened back in 1994 invloved my friend, Ms Tan Soon Eng, a small built  lady who was in-charged of Brunei account in Borneo Marketing Finance Department, Harpers Trading Malaysia. At that time, she was walking from section 14 to Harpers Trading office at Jalan Bersatu. A red Toyota Corolla passed her and one of the man in the car grabbed her handbag which she hanged on her shoulder on the outside of the road. As she did not let go of her handbag, the car dragged her for a few meters before the man let go of her handbag. She injured her hands, elbows, legs and the side of her thigh. She was lucky that the man let her go.

1. Always hang your handbag on the inside of the road and hold close to your body.
2. Always walk against the traffic.

2nd Case:
The 2nd case happened in 1994 where my land lady, Madam Tan at Paramount Garden, Pataling Jaya was opening the back door of her house. Two man on a motorcycle passed her and grabbed her gold necklass from behind while her hands still struggling with the padlock. Her necklass broken and taken by the men on the motorbike.
1. Always alert of the motorbike while you are on the road.

3rd Case:
The 3rd case happened involved a company computer and lost in Taman Doktor Ismail. As it was raining, we placed the computer into the our Wira car's booth. Then we went for a teh tarik at a nearby Mak Mak shop. Actually we can see our car from the table I am sitting. I saw a white van blocking my view to our car but I ignored it. When we came back to the car and I checked the car booth, the computer is gone. According to the Brickfield police investigating officer, the case like this is very common case amongst notebook user in the Klang valley.
When I told this case to my friend, Nickolas at Prima Saujana, he told me that he also lost his notebook and two of his suppliers's notebook in their car while they are having a cup of coffee at the Mak Mak shop.
1. Always bring along your notebook whenever you leave your car. Never leave them in your car.
2. Don't take things for granted. They are watching your every move.

4th Case:
Our DKSH's college, Joyce was stopping at a traffic light in Kepong as she relates to us. Two men on a motorbike stopped next to her and the man on the back of the motorbike smashed her passenger side car windows with a sharp iron torn glove and grabbed her handbag which she placed on the seat of the passeger side. She tried to pull back her handbag but the man punched her on the face with the sharp iron torn glove. She injuired her face and she let go of her bag. She needed a few stitch on her face for the damaged done.
1. Always place you handbag next to your legs even how expensive it is.  It's has no value to you when it's taken away from you. Be safe.
2. When at the traffic light stop, be alert of your surrounding.

5th Case:
In the month of April 2012, my brother in-law's house was broken into while he was working. Notebook, camera and hard drive lost but without any sign of forced entrance to his house. Maybe they have the own master key. He did not on his alarm system.
1. Always on your alarm system.
2. Always carry your valuable things with you.

6th Case:
This case happened on May 23rd, 2012 which involved our DKSH college, Simon.
He relates the incident in this way: At 6.55am on this particular day, he parked his car with the engine still running at a Bus Stop which is opposite SK Wangsa Jaya, Wangsa Maju. His daughter is sitting at the back seat. Then he got out of the car and walk to the back of the car to fetch his son who is also sitting at the back seat. While he was at the back of the car, he saw a Indian man got into his car on the driver side. He rushed to the front to stop the closing door and try to grab the man. The man engaged the gear and drag him along as he drives toward the junction. According to him, he did not let go because her daughter is in the back seat. Actually her daughter had jump out of the car while the car was still moving slowly. Knowing his daughter is not in the car, he let go off the car. He injured his head, hands, arms and legs.
1. Always take off the car key when you stop the car even when someone is still in the back seat.
2. Never keep the engine running.
3. Always alert of your surrounding especially when are where you park is abit dark.

7th Case:
This case happen on Monday, June 11 as per my blog

I know there are many cases involve street crime out there but these cases involved around me.

What should we do? What measure should we take to be safe?

BE ALERT ALWAYS is the key.


It happen to others and it can also happen to you and I.

Be safe , my friend.

May God protect and may His Angle guarding us. Amen.

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