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Friday, June 29, 2012

Street Life at KIP Night Market

It's almost back to normal life for me as for the last two two weeks, life has been a bit hectic.

I have been involved in a lot of activities during these two weeks with includes attending Julianne-ang-son-full-moon-at-Bubba Gump, Ngieng-and-Low-meeting-of-two-parents, Samanthas-Birthday, DKSH's 10th Years Anniversary and DKSH Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2012.

The last two events were our company official events where I acted as the company official photographer for the events. There may not be any blog post of these two event as I need prior approval for posting of those two event. Should the DKSH's communication Manager gives me a green light, I will post it here.

My DKSH Team, you may check in our official MY DKSH's Blog on those event as once they complete the drafting of the blog, it should be posted there.

To keep my fingers some extra exercise even without going down to the Street of Kuala Lumpur, I headed for KIP Night Market.

Armed with my Nikon D7000 attached with Nikkor 50mm F/1.8G lens, I am ready for the game.
My Timex shows 05:42PM which gives me a great colours and lighting.
Actually I really like to capture images during these time of the day. I love the lighting that it gives.

The images will be retained in color to give it's real flavour.

Light and Shade

Burger Man

Waiting in the shadow

Evening Joy and Smile

Coming Home

Satu snap, Bang!
 Some people just love to have their picture taken.

Frozen in Time

Sugar Cane Vendor

Fish: Cut and Slice

Give a try

Focus: Char Koi Maker

Too Many Scale


Pour it Out

Evening Fashion

Chop and Cut

Hair Style

Joy and Laughter

Let me pose for you
(This guy don't want me to take his candid shot instead he wants to pose for me. Street are full of unique people.)

Children and Sun
Street life continues as the sun hide behind the cloud and the night takes over.  May you have a great day. Happy Shooting. Hope to see you again in my morning walk.

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