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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A stroll in the Park

Since my father in-law is coming over to Kuala Lumpur, everyday Agnes and I will drive down to Wangsa Permai, Kepong for our daily dinner and meet her parents.
After dinner, normally I have my own plan which is my favourite namely stroll in the park and meet people of many nations. If I am lucky, I may make new friend.
The other reason is I have the chance to capture the life after work. I have missed a few weekend for my street photo session and this is my opportunity to exercise my fingers.

I bring along my Nikon D7000 with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens attached.

Young Rider

I am met by this active healthy young boy rolling a motorbike's tyre. I see him as the future rider. Though you can not see the motorbike as a whole but in his imagination he is riding a real motorbike. According to my friend, this boy is a Myanmar.

Joy of A Mother
As I walked on, this young mother is pushing his son's mini bike with laughter and pure joy.
Wow! What a beautiful scene?! Mother's love in action.

Sepaktakraw: Feeder
More shouts at the end of the park.
These Sarawakian and Sabahan were playing Sepaktakraw. Love to see they play this Malaysian traditional game. According to my friend, the feeder is an Iban from Sarawak.

Sepaktakraw: Tekong

Though this Iban guy is a bit heavy but he tends to be very active. Now he takes a role as the Tekong, the person who serve.

Hand in hand
When you are young, walking hand in hand with your mother is a great experience.
When you are at work, working as team as per these two men carrying the gas tank lighten the heavy burden and brings more passion and love for your work.

May you have a great day.

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