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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lunch at Suki-Ya, Paradigm Mall

"What are we going to eat today?" is my wife favourite question which I do not like to answer.
 Most of the time she decided of our outside meal but when we are at home, I am her chef as I love cooking.

"Buffet Lunch at Paradigm Mall?", she asked.

I just responded with, "OK!"

I knew she like to look for food coupon on the internet either from Groupon or Livingsocial or Dailydeals, just to name a few food coupon sites on the internet. Today she seems to have bought a meal coupon from one these site for buffet lunch at Suki-Ya, Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya.

The Entrance

The Offer

Agnes handed over the food coupon.

Nicely decorated interior

All tables ready for the customers

Ordering Time

The scop ready to act

Meat: Lamp, Beef and Chicken

Meat: Chicken

Meat: Lamb

Meat: Beef

My Green Tea

Agnes' choice of Vegetables

IPHONE: Very disturbing during meal

My Choice of Vegetables

Two Soup of Choices - Spicy and Non-Spicy

My additional choice of Vegetables
What is my comment for this food outlet?
The environment is great with Asian flavour of architecture.

The employees are friend and knowledgeable of the food. Sometime they seem to anticipate our needs by orbserving our body language from afar which prompt them to ask question like, "Do you want to add some more meat? or "Do you want to add some more soup?"

The soup of choices - perfect and tasty.
The overall food - delicious and worth the money.
Again about staffs: They are always ready to serve you.

Any name I know amongst the staff?
Ben, a helpful and friendly Philippino's muslim.
Hope to see you again, Ben.

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