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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kuala Selangor: Kampung Bagan Pasir

The Jetty
Our next destination after Kuala Selangor-Pasir Penambang was Tanjong Karang and Kampung Bagan Pasir to be exact. We log into our GPS, 'Bagan Pasir' as our next destination.

Kampung Bagan Pasir is a fishermen village where you can see fishermen's boats and also you can buy some fresh fish from the fisherman.

Our purpose of coming here is just for sight-seeing and take some pictures as most of the travellers with us did. It's quite deep inside and at first we thought we are lost.
If you are interest to see the life of fisherman then this is a good place to visit. Beside you may also buy some fresh fish and have a good meal at the nearby Restaurant Seafood Tanjong Karang.

Fishermen's boat

The Boat

Chinese Temple

Elevated Route built by Govt
The original village path-way

You can buy fresh fish from Ah Heng Fishery.

We are not alone

View of the opposite fishermen's jetty and boats.
River out to the Sea

View from the River

Fishing Nets


Memory shot

Burning Prayer's incense

Huge Flower
 As the sky was a bit dark from the east and we expect the rain is coming, we drive on to Pantai Remis.

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