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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shutter Therapy: How many time per month?

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Some may ask, "How times per month should I go for shutter therapy, a phrase normally used by  Robin Wong  or street photography?"

As I am working  during week days, I am only having free time during the weekend if my partner do not have her own plan like shopping or some other event like IT fare, PC fare or MATTA, then I would say that I can go for shutter therapy shooting when I am free.

But that is not the case as my partner and I had made a deal that I can ONLY go to Kuala Lumpur for shutter therapy session twice a month.

How about the time?
Normally I go down to Kuala Lumpur at around 10.00AM via Kelana Jaya LRT Station and arrive at Pasar Seni LRT station around 10.30AM.

Shooting for how long?
Normally I have to walk back to Pasar Seni LRT station at 3.00PM and should reach Paramount Garden LRT Station at 3.30PM for our normal meal.

What are area that I cover during my normal shutter therapy?
1. Petaling Street
2. Pudu - Pudu Bus Station, St. Anthony Church
3. Jalan Masjid India.
4. Jalan TAR
5. Chow Kit Road

Any company?
Normally I am going alone as most of my friends are busy during the weekend.

How about safety?
I trust my instinct in street survival as I have lived in the street of Sibu when I was young.

What to shoot?
Any interesting character on the street that can tell a story.

Any rejection while shooting?
If my subject said, "NO Photo!" I won't shoot him/her but I will be his/her friend and be my chatting partner. Normally in this way, I gain alot of information on the street life. One day you can shoot him/her when he/her ask you for memory sake.
Be generous with your smile and your 'good sign' tumb.

What lens I bring along?
1. AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G - my favorite as it's light and fast.
2. Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC - in case I need a big picture with background.

Most of the time, I carry only my AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G


Bus Conductor at work

Sea Master: Heavy Load 

Sometime you can be too near to your subject as in this case of Sea Master: Heavy Load and you have to try your best to fill the frame.

Street Photographer - Chimping

Thinking of "XPert Massage"


Street Photographer - Chimping

Mobile Street vendor

Photographer calling home

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