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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Singapore Trip D1: Here we come

I have been waiting for this date, September 20th, the day for our trip to Singapore. Agnes and Irene have planned this trip for weeks. Irene has settled our accommodation as her sister Rose Aik had allowed us to stay with her family in Singapore.

In the beginning, we planned to go by air but Agnes has another plan.
She preferred to go by road. She called a bus company, Five Stars to be exact and they informed her that they have a promotion of MYR 55.00 to Singapore and S$55.00 return. If the rate is at 2.51 for S$1.00, that will come up to MYR193.00 for transport. (This is the original price) Then we still need to purchase the Universal Studio Singapore (USS) ticket which cost us another S$70.00.

Agnes is really good in asking fantastic question like 'Do you have any bus fare promotion?'
The lady at the Five Star ticketing counter said....."Yes, we have. We have a special promotion for bus fare with return ticket at MYR 71.00."
Agnes tell Irene about this good news but Irene could not believe it. Thus Irene make a call to Five Stars bus company as she thought it must be a lumberjack lorry to be so cheap. The bus company confirmed the information on the transport cost.
Then Irene inquired about the USS ticket promotion. The bus ticketing lady revealed to Irene that USS has a special promotion with the return bus fare at MYR 178.00

On Monday, Agnes purchased the USS ticket plus bus fare with return at MYR 178.00 per pax.

Agnes and Irene really know how to shoot a great questions to get a fantastic result.

Thank you, Five Star.. Thank you, Irene and Agnes for the hard work.

All images were taken with Nikon D7000 and lens Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC

We gather at the DKSH Malaysia HQ

 Irene and Agnes waiting for the taxi to fetch us to One Utama

The FIVE STAR bus AHP 8799 - a premium bus.
Verdict: Comfortable seat, safe ride and friendly driver....and good set of movies.
Recommendation: Five Stars for you.

Our bus driver. A friendly and helpful man.

 John Ragai...I just loved reflection...self portrait.

The bus stopped before we headed for Singapore.

 Arrived at Sentosa at 1.39PM

 At 1.50pm, we were out of the bus and taking a elevator.

Passed Universal Studio logo at 1.51PM

 We were heading to the Sentosa Monorail

Boarding the Sentosa Monorail at 1.56PM

Agnes in the Monorail

 Agnes and Irene queue up to purchase the MRT ticket.

Arrive at Outram Park
Singapore MRT Map (Credit to www.city-info.com)

Having lunch at McDonald

Irene with her niece.

My Hainan chicken rice which cost me...S$3.90. If in Malaysia, this will cost me MYR5.00. BTW 100Plus can 325ml cost S$1.30 whereas in Malaysia cost MYR2.20.

If I am working in Singapore, the food and drink are cheap whereas if I am working in Malaysia, the food and drinks are expensive. If both individual earn the same $2,000, Singapore has a better saving.

 Irene's sister and her husband.

 Singapore Rojak

 Happy faces

I bought my food from here.

We ended the day with window shopping at IMM.

The next day, we have another full day of walking in Universal Studio Singapore.

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