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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tanjung Sepat: Bagan Lalang

Our final destination for the day were Bagan Lalang where we were having our dinner and took some sunset shots. By the way I prepared all our food and drinks from home. We are a budget traveller.

Based on my quick observation, this is a great place for outdoor activities such as picnic, kite flying, sunbathing, bury in the sand, swimming, enjoy the sea breeze or just walking on the beach.

Great place for photography either landscape, portraits, street candids or macro of the beach crabs and insects.

All images taken with Nikon D7000 and lens Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC

Agnes walked on the beach.

 Bagan Lalang Beach

 Beach Activty: Kite Flying

Kites on sale

A Mini motorbike with the SIB Church Group in the background.

 Ali, a Pakistani beach vendor, a new friend.

A Sepaktakraw move by a SIB Church group....Libasan maut.

 Wonder why they like this pose? I lower my camera and squeeze the shutter without their knowledge.

Running on the water.

 Accomodation at the beach.

 Beach activity: Cycling

Beach activity: Buried in the sand

 SIB Church member buried in the sand.


 Restaurant: Senandung Malam

Agnes: Tired, exhausted and headache. Pity her . She has to drive back to Kuala Selangor after dinner.

Agnes refresh herself with a coconut drink.

 The food

 Sea shell..(kepah)

 Cuttlefish...sotong putih.

 Bamboo seashell.

 Agnes captured the food on her IPhone 4.

Food verdict:
1. Affordable price and worth the money. In order word I would say, it's cheap as compare to PJ.
2. Fresh seafoods
3. Nicely cook and well presented. They have varities of flavour or style to cook your selected seafood to meet your taste.
4. I may come again and I recommend this Senandung Malam to you to give it a try yourselves.

Tourist during sunset on the beach.

The sun is falling

Sunset with a mild waves

Angels on the Beach. (Thank you for posing for my camera.)

At around 7.28pm, we headed for home which is 78 kilometers away. Agnes is not well as she is having a headache due to the heat.
Thanks God, we managed to arrive home at around 10.00pm, tired and exhausted.

Final Advice:
1. Know your route, GPS tend to take the shortest route and you may go through jungle road.
2. If possible, spend the night at Tanjung Sepat so that you won't be too exhausted and tired.
3. Standby your medication and drink lots of water.
4. Enjoy your journey and drive safe.

Lastly, it's worth the journey. Tanjung Sepat is a good place to spend your weekend with your family and loved one.


Johan Chan Seem said...

nice pics that you have there... do you shoot often in Malaysia?... i'm from Mauritius and enthusiast photographer. Maybe you can visit my blog on http://clickingthelight.blogspot.com/

John Ragai said...

Hi Johan.
Thank you for kind comment. I am a daily shooter as shooting keeps my mind sharp. Twice a week, I am doing shutter therapy in Kuala Lumpur streets.
I will visit your blog for sure.
May you have a great evening.