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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Seng Ping & Samantha Pre-marriage: Exchange of Packet

Marriage is one of paramount important in human life and the pre-marriage preparation is also as important to ensure the smoothness of the planned marriage process.

Chinese in general has many pre-marriage custom based on their area of origin in China. The Foochow has their own custom whereas the Cantonese has their own and the same goes with the Hokkien and the rest.

In Chinese custom, pre-marriage meeting of representative is a usual ocassion where several issues will be discuss which include:
Allocation of Dinner Tables during the wedding dinner
The gifts
Exchange of packets (red Angpao)

This special pre-marriage occassion for Seng Ping a Foochow and his wife to be Samantha a Cantonese lady was held on November 15th, 2012 at Samantha's parents house.

I was there to capture the moment but I am just allowed to capture the exchange of red packet. A bit frustrated but then again respect the man of the occassion is also very important in Asian culture.

Maybe next time, I will play stupid and capture in candid the whole event. Lesson learned.


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