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Thursday, April 18, 2013

First Shutter Therapy with a Flickr's friend

I always wonder how is it to do shutter therapy as Robin Wong called this exercise with a partner as I always walked the street to shoot as a Lone Ranger and I shoot at will. Actually I am very excited to walk the street and shoot with others as sometime I can lost in my own world when the camera is in my hand. I can be very focus and passionate in what I am doing until I lost the sense of the real world even the pain that I endured. That's the magic of camera which can transform me into someone else completely.

All images taken with Nikon D7000 with lens AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G
All images captured in RAW format and convert to JPEG format using in-camera preset setting.

Last Saturday, I walked the street with my talented Flickr's friend by the name of Foxsama aka Ivan Tan.  Actually we never meet before and I do not know how he looks like. In this suspense time, I started my shooting alone.

Street Transporter
(I captured this image using a direct attack method where I run from the other side of the road. Then squat in front of his on-coming route, compose, frame and shoot. Give a thumb up and walk away. Later I was informed by Ivan that he is a bit nasty some time.)

Hopefully I will capture him on my camera in the process.

I shot and called everyone that hold a camera including this young man.
Ivan Tan?
This is not Ivan Tan but he seems to be not bothering of being captured on my camera.

Our Tools for the day OMD-EM5 and his Fujifilm-X100s
As I am not familiar with OMD-EM5 yet, I took most of the shots with my Nikon D7000 and it's AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G (75mm on D7000).

Street Horologist at work
(Another direct attack image. Shoot the image while standing not far from him.)

Resting after a long ride
(Get the desired angle, down on one knee for balance, compose, frame, wait for the pass-by to passed and 'squeeze it'. Too bad..I still captured his plastic bag.)
Indulge in the News
(I get on his blind spot as I want his reflection and the motorbike as part of my image.)

Passing-by: Shopper with Street Vendor
(This is the easier shot as I see and I shoot with a fixed theme in my mind.)
Passing-by: Head-on
(My initial plan was to capture my desired subject matter inside the flying bubbles but I have no luck. As this two passing-by, I captured the image as part of my earlier theme.)
Buddies: Hand in Hand
(Here I am attracted by the word 'BUDDIES' on the boy shirt and the binding demonstrated the word in act.)

Street Personal Portrait
(Actually I have taken this man image secretly earlier but his partner, a beautiful lady called me by shouting "LIVERPOOL!!". I turn around and I ask her if she is also a Liverpool FC fan and with that I capture her portrait. As I turn to move on, this man also said, "LIVERPOOL!!" With that I turn back again and said to him that if he is a Liverpool FC, I have to get his personal portrait." He said, "OK!")

Kuala Lumpur Skyline at KL Galery

A talented photographer: Ivan Tan

'JOHN RAGAI' stamped on the back of my Liverpool FC Red Jersey
 On the way back, I also stamp my brand 'JOHN RAGAI' on my red jersey.

And I ended the day with a bottle of my favourite drink, 100PLUS.

 It's a great walk for me and I hope someone will walk with me again in the future as it's more fun when you are with your partner.

This coming Saturday, I will be on a vacation to Surabaya, Indonesia. Hopefully I can capture some of the interesting characters in Surabaya beside the famous landscape at Mount Bromo.

My next KL Street walk will  be on April 27th, 2013.

You may wonder where is the images taken with the OMD-EM5...coming in the next posting.

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