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Friday, May 3, 2013

Spiritual Retreat Schedule at Maranatha Retreat House

Dear Friends,

Maranatha Retreat House will be organising the following retreat for the rest of the year 2013.

This image was taken using Olympus UTough 8010 during my first Spiritual Retreat  at Maranatha Retreat House back in year 2010. During those days, my photography knowledge was zero and my friends used to say, "my photos suck! and they can take better one." Now my photos are still not to 'my standard of good photos' but I will shoot thousands more to get my vision materialize on the photos I have taken and touch the viewer attention as I want it to be.
Should you are interest with the retreat you may contact the Maranatha Retreat House or email to Margaret Quek <quekmargaret@gmail.com>

13Jesus asked, " What do you want "Fr. David Townsend, SJ.June 6-9(2 nights)
1Generativity and IntegrityFr. Ignatius HuanJul 5-7(2 nights)
2Did your God grow up ? Healing your Image of GodFr. Matthew Linn, SJJul 11-14(3 nights)
3Scripture and WholenessFr. Fio Mascarenhas, SJJul 18-21(3 nights)
4The Gift of Spiritual IntimacyFr. Monty Williams, SJAug 2-4(2 nights)
5The Spiritual JourneyFr. Monty Williams, SJAug 16-18(2 nights)
6Individually Directed RetreatFr. Monty Williams, SJAug 27-2 Sep(6 nights)
7Individually Directed RetreatFr. Bernard Arputhasamy, S.J.Aug 27-2 Sep(6 nights)
8Individually Directed RetreatFr. Richard Anthonysamy, S.J.Sep 5-8(3 nights)
9Exploring the interior castle of St Theresa of AvilaFr. Ignatius HuanSep 13-15(2 nights)
10Individually Directed RetreatBro. Gerard Choo, sjSep 23-26(3 nights)
11Praying with ScriptureFr. Richard Shortall, S.J.Oct 3-6(3 nights)
12Praying with ScriptureFr. Richard Shortall, S.J.Oct 10-13(3 nights)
13Praying with ScriptureFr. Richard Shortall, S.J.Oct 17-20(3 nights)
14God's Unconditional LoveFr. Norris Seenivasam SJOct 25-27(3 nights)
15Conflict ResolutionFr. Ignatius HuanNov 8-10(2 nights)
16Individually Directed RetreatFr. David Townsend, SJ.Nov 12-19(7 nights)
17Walking with the Prodigal SonFr. Matthew Linn, SJNov 22-24(2 nights)
18Mandarin RetreatFr. Moses Kan SJNov 29-1 Dec(3 nights)
19Individually Directed RetreatFr Richard Anthonysamy, S.J.Dec 5-8(3 nights)


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