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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

PJ Section 17: Thursday Morning Wet Market

I am always itchy to shoot either weekdays or weekend, morning or evening or anything in between. Capturing photo for me is something that I have to do everyday in order to practice and grow in photography. It's the push from within, it's a scream from within and it's something others called passion. When you did not do it, you feel reckless and powerless but when you do it, the whole world is yours. You can do anything and your confident sky high. That's what I get when the camera is in my hand.
Why this happen to me? I think when you drink too much fermented water you get drunk and transform you into a new person and that fermented water is photography. It's very addictive if you are striving for your best from within. When the best come forth, satisfaction is overwhelming even when your body is dead tired.
How I release this desire to shoot daily?
In my case, it's real easy as office is in Petaling Jaya and before office hours I can go to daily morning market at Taman Sentosa, Section 17, PJ and also to Thursday Morning Wet Market at Jalan Universiti.

All images taken with Nikon D7000 and Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8G

The walk begins

Pineapple: The symbol of Sarikei

Crabs: Ketam Bunga - is very good for Tom Yam

Payment time
Choosing the best amongst the good.
Sort and Select to get the best deal

Sun and Shadows

Putu Mayam

Nasi Lemak Vendor
Lastly I am attracted to the aromatic smell that comes from this stall. A man who grinds his arabica coffee on the street. He even gives you to taste his coffee.

I will dig more information on this man later on.



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