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Friday, November 22, 2013

John Ragai shutdown and rise again

As my earlier promise to you, my dearest friends who were eager to know what actually happen to me which lead to my visit to Assunta Hospital. I will share with you my life experience since last Saturday, Oct 16th 2013.

Actually I was banned from shooting in the street by my beloved wife as sometimes I can be carried away in my street shooting and chasing after the pickpocket in October was not of her liking. Due to her love for me and my passion in street photography, she allowed me to roam the street again on Saturday, November 16th.

On that Saturday, I sensed that I am not well and I took one soluble panadol with a bottle of mineral water as an insurance. But I WANT to go for the street photography whatever it takes.

I have a good times doing shutter therapy at Petaling Street, Jalan Masjid India, Jalan TAR and Chow Kit Road. I covered these areas from 9.45AM to 2.30PM but the rain started to fall when I returned back from Chow Kit. Upon reaching Masjid Jamek LRT Station, I am wet and I love it as I have more subject to shoot in the rain and I love reflections on the road. But the rain took a tool on me.

On the other note: I met also other street shooters namely Affendy Haluan Kanan, Alwin and Razlan.

That Saturday night, I had the WORST FEVER that I ever had in my entire life. My brian was working overdrive with loads and loads of algebra formulas with a lot of netting started to cramp the system. I am frustrated and angry as I could not solve these formulas and at that time I thought my head will burst.

Early on Sunday morning, we headed for the clinic and the doctor advised me to take a rest and eat the the prescribed medicine. The medicine works great with a rest on Monday.

When Tuesday came, I am excited to work and we drive to our office at Jalan Universiti but before that we have our breakfast at Taman Sentosa, Section 17, Petaling Jaya. As I woke up that morning, I have taken my hypertension medication but not the doctor's prescribed medicine for fever, cough and flu. Note that I also carried my Tenba camera bag with my two cameras namely Nikon D7000 and Olympus OM D E-M5 with all the lens I had and an external flash. I cannot left my buddies at home.

The food is great that morning and at the end of my meal, I shook my head and I felt dizzy. I realised something is wrong when my vision getting blur and whittish. I told me wife that we have to go as I felt my vision is deterioting. She supported me as we walk but my vision and self sense is getting weaker and weaker. I need a seat and a generous friendly guy allowed me to share his table.
Agnes, my wife always asked, "Are you ok?" In the weakness of my being, I tried to say..."I am ok" but I gone of all my sense. My human sensors were not working....the white form covered me. I am lost in my own space. I am at rest, at peace...I could not see, I could not hear and I could not feel.

(Note: According to Agnes, I dropped my camera bag without knowing and an uncle pick it up and place it next to me.)

John Ragai SHUTDOWN!

Recovery process of John Ragai...
Then deep within my being, I hear tiny voices calling but I could not see and I do not know what these voices calling for. Ah...I thought...maybe they are calling me...I try to hear and open my eyes to see...but fail.

The sound getting louder and then I saw two small black dots in the white sheet. The two dots become bigger and bigger and form two human faces but I could not recognise them. The sound form the words that I understand,

"ari! are you ok?" .... still can not recognised them.

 "ARI! ARE YOU OK?" ...now I know them but wonder why they keep hitting me on my face. (ask for a fight early in the morning...cari gadoh ke?

When I came back fully, the two women were Agnes Ngieng and Christina Chang.

My first words came out of me were, "What is happening?" as if I am just wake up from a good rest or sleep.

The two good uncles at the table said, "Send him to the clinic! Don't let him fall!"
The uncle helped me into the car and I thanked him many times.

Then Agnes and I went to Sea Park and registered myself at a 24 hours clinic name MEDIVIRON.
A lady doctor at the clinic checked on my condition and she said that my Blood Pressure was too low. My BP reading was 60/55. Not satisfied with that she did a ECG and it came out abnormal. The doctor referred me to Assunta Hospital for further treatment.

At the Assunta Hospital, we were greeted by the skillful and talented Ms Riva at the Central registration. She placed me under Room Number 16: Datuk Dr. Joseph Ong Ah Soon, a practiced Catholic.

He is a very proactive person and when I gave him the ECG test result, he said, "Sometime computer can be wrong. For me it's normal. Don't worry. Let me have a look at you." He took the reading but it still very very low and he advised me to have a two day rest.

On Wednesday, he took another BP reading and it's 120/80 and he ended the visit with, "Come back on Friday without taking your Hypertension medication. I just want to see your reading without medication and I will do it FOC." That FOC sound great....thanks God.

On Thursday, I went for our compnay clinic just for the BP check and it shows: 110/70 which is still not good enough without Hypertension medication.

This Friday Morning, I did not take my hypertension medication and Datuk Dr. Joseph took his reading while I lay on the small bed. As he looked at the meter, he said, "That is what I want to see. Your BP is back to normal without the trace of your medication. Now your BP is 140/100 and I will give you a new dosage to replace your current medication."

"You take this medication which I give you and come back in two weeks time. I do not charge you for this visit." Seeing I am a bit recluctant to take the medicine, he added, " Take the medicine. It's free from me."

I think I am a really a thick skined man at that moment. I just thanked him for his services and for the medication that he has given me and thanks God for creating such a man.

Praise and Glory be to God in the Highest Heaven.

Thank you for your concern, words of encouragement and prayers which I really appreciated.

May God bless us and protect us. May our lips and hearts always give glory to God.

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