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Friday, November 22, 2013

Tan Tiong Choon: Old face with Passion

Thanks God for this beautiful sunny Saturday morning with a nicely formed clouds and superb blue sky. As plan, we go for our Perkeso Medical check up at BP Healthcare in Taman Sea. This is no connection with my earlier visit to Assunta Hospital as Assunta visits were purely on the matters of the Heart.

Yesterday at Assunta Hospital, I met Mr Thon Lek, one my admired wonderful people whom I long to follow their footstep. Today after completed our test, we went for breakfast at UPtown and an old couple came in and guess who.....

It's another passionate people whom I admired whom I have not meet for years. I knew him as a very talented and passionate manager who can do anything either in marketing or sales. He can even relieve his boss for almost a year without any problem. When you meet him, you can be sure that the fire and passion within still burning strong.

His name is Mr Tan Tiong Choon.

His advice: Keep on exercise and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Sir, I always salute you! May God bless you and your wife with good health and joy of hearts.


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